DAO Cake by amaDAO - Incentivise & pay DAO members with ease!

Project Name: DAO Cake
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: amaDAO.io
Team Member(s): Nathan Challen @emotf

DevPost URL: DAO Cake | Devpost

Project Goal: Deliver DAO Cake dApp to TRON Blockchain

Project Info:

DAO Cake solves the problem every multi founder team experiences: measuring and rewarding contributions. The typical (imperfect) approach for startups is to split equity equally between each member of the founding team, with the expectation each is bringing equal value. This is not a solution for DAOs as the entire founding community are the ‘founders’. Even if still at the infancy this could be ten or more people committing time and effort in varying degrees to form the DAO.


There are currently approx 4,800 indexed and tokenized DAOs. We’re targeting the 40k+ DAOs who are essentially startups or web3 communities that have not yet tokenized or formalised their structure. This market needs the same capabilities: proposals, voting, payments, equity share tracking etc. don’t yet want the complications of a TGE or founding event.

Project Repo/Website:


We’ve kept the model simple yet sufficiently complex and considered for this application. You could say we did not want to “over cook it” ( :moon_cake: Cake pun intended). We believe the best smart contracts are simple and easy to read so that anyone (technical or not) can understand what is happening. We also wanted to keep this DApp open for anyone to use. With more time we can assess market needs and adjust the implementation where needed (see: roadmap).

Milestones / Roadmap

  • Implement Smart Contracts on TRON TVM (DONE)
  • dApp services layer connected to contract on Shasta Testnet
  • Complete front-end of DApp MVP
  • Implement ‘Bake’ action for pay out (from escrow) to wallets to member slices
  • Customer testing of DApp. Feedback on UX, any limitations?
  • Review incentives / disincentives for application in larger DAO communities
  • Generate Internal $DOU token with tokenomics to incentivise participation in voting/proposals (TRC20 Asset Tokens)
  • Provide alternative Bake actions for token issuance (TRC20) or NFT (TRC-721) achievement badges.
  • Launch dApp on Mainnet
  • Build iOS and Android native apps.

We’re excited by the potential to simplifying fledgling ‘DAO’ operations and payments. But also excited by the potential to bring thousands more daily transactions to the TRON blockchain :rocket:


I noticed your dev post link goes to a submission but not for the TRON Hackathon. Have you officially entered yet?


Hey @WindsOfChange92 thanks for your interest in DAO Cake! It’s up there on DevPost yet only in Draft form so you probably can’t see it. I’ll be adding more details this week and hitting publish.

I’ll keep you guys in the loop with progress :muscle:.

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Just a small detail, you can take off the “EVM” as Tron is a TVM Chain. Not a big deal but on telegram lot of “devs” (fake devs?) try to integrate tron community projects teams pretending they are experts in Tron EVM. Feels like saying “I like to drink Pepsi Coca Cola” instead of Pepsi Cola or just Pepsi (not a branded integration deal :sweat_smile:).
EVM and TVM are pretty similar but, still, different.


Thanks for the tip @fabsltsa I’m new to the community and ecosystem so please pardon my faux pas! :man_facepalming: corrected.


I’ve updated the link to the final TRON Hackathon submission on DevPost :+1:

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I am excited to try this on Mainnet, is that still the goal @DayNinja?

Hoping it’s coming soon :partying_face: