Level by GirlsLAB: Off-chain voting platform for DAOs

Project Name: Level
Project Track: Web3 (Governance)
Team Name: Girls LAB
Team Member(s): Connie Too, Isabel Orchard, Gulya Bugdaeva, Joan Yang
DevPost URL: Level: Off-chain voting platform for DAOs on TRON | Devpost
Project Inspiration: Snapshot for ETH
Project Goal: Grow a decentralized DAO ecosystem on the TRON network through off-chain voting infrastructure
Project Info: Level by Girls LAB.pdf (1.4 MB)
Project Website: Design Responsive Websites - Webflow

**Code: “Token Counter”: GitHub - c2-code/TronHack2022: Level: off-chain voting system on TRON
Project Test Instructions:

  1. Download TronLink wallet on supported browser (Chrome)
  2. Visit Level’s webflow site: Design Responsive Websites - Webflow
  3. Login to TronLink wallet (click connect!)
  4. Browse the DAOs on our network and click to join a DAO and view all ongoing proposals
    5… Level will calculate token amounts and determine voting power **
    **Currently, we have not developed this from the back end. We minted our own ERC-20 tokens with TRON Smart Contracts and ABIs and coded a “Token Counter” in html that takes in a wallet address (“myaddress”) and returns the number of Tokens (TRX) in the wallet. View the code here: GitHub - c2-code/TronHack2022: Level: off-chain voting system on TRON
  5. Once you click a DAO, you can view all protocols. Clicking into the protocol, you can see a proposal description, past votes recorded with wallet addresses, time stamp, voting power, and real-time chart of the vote progress. Test with Just Lend DAO
    ** Currently, the protocols are written on a Google Form where users enter their wallet address and vote on proposals directly. The votes are time-stamped and recorded on Google Sheets where we manually enter their address in our Ticket Counter to determine their voting power. We are working on automating this process through back-end developers, which we lacked at this Hackathon.
  6. Cast your vote and see it recorded on Level in real-time
    ** Not yet developed (Mock Demo in PPT)

Current Mechanics: Download TronLink wallet on a supported browser. Go to Level website and select the DAO they wish to partake in (eg, Just Lend). That will take you to a Google Form where you enter your vote, name, and wallet address. Our team collects all form entries in Google Sheets. We enter each user’s wallet address into the Token Counter code to retrieve the number of tokens that user holds. We calculate each user’s governance power = n/s, where n=token count and s=circulating supply (100,00).

Ideal Mechanics: Go to Level and select the DAO they wish to partake in. Connect Tronlink (or other that supports ERC-20/TRC-10 tokens. Browse history of past proposals and live proposals. Select proposal you wish to vote on. Cast vote on Level. Backend code counts user’s tokens and calculates governance power automatically. Instantly displays the user’s wallet address, vote, token count & governance power on Level.

Project Details:

TRON does not have a unified voting platform for decentralized autonomous organizations in its ecosystem. Voting platforms differ per DAO. TRON DAO utilizes the Tron wallet (where users must freeze their tokens to unlock voting power) in their Super Representative validator election, Just Lend DAO uses another platform, and Sunswap uses another. The infrastructure is fragmented and incoherent, increasing the barrier to entry for the entire ecosystem because nobody wants to hop between so many platforms.

We developed Level, an off-chain voting platform for DAOs on the TRON network. Level benefits the TRON ecosystem in two ways: 1) Uniform UI/UX among DAOs and 2) Off-chain voting.

Uniform UI/UX means that a user can track and participate in multiple DAOs all in one place. They only need to connect a wallet that supports ERC-20/TRC-10 tokens. Provided they hold the governance token for that DAO, the user can cast a vote. Off-chain voting enables the DAO to poll their community for soft-consensus on topics ranging from protocol upgrades to asset listings to grants.

Off-chain voting means that proposals need not have a smart contract ready for execution upon results. Voting on Level does not incur transactions on the blockchain therefore saving network bandwidth and resources/no TRX fee. Instead, the Token Counter code is used to calculate each user’s respective governance power. All within Level. Results are displayed on Level and include every user’s wallet address, vote, and voting power.

Level plays a key part in the life cycle of proposal. After thorough discussion and debate has taken place on the DAO’s forum, users migrate to Level to place their vote. Upon results the community will be better informed on the preferred direction of the DAO without incurring the bandwidth, fees, and permanence of on-chain voting.

Project Milestones:

Built webflow site, PPT, “Token Counter”, and create mock demo with Google Forms/Sheets

Next Steps:

  • Develop back-end capabilities and permanent webflow site

  • Pitch to TRON DAOs to join our platform to current voting forums/discord/community

  • Launch Level to all TRON DAO users and public

Elevator Pitch:

Tron is faster and cheaper than Ethereum but unrecognizable to most Western users. How can TRON break into the Western Market?

Users want a uniform UI platform where they can track and engage with DAOs in the TRON ecosystem. TRON has a special interest in supporting creators in the entertainment industry. How do you determine which projects to fund? Poll members of the DAO. Where can you poll them? On Level. This is one use case of many for any polling or voting to be done for any DAO on the TRON Network. We are the first off-chain unified voting platform for DAOs on the TRON network to harness. Level is the prerequisite to any decentralized endeavor on TRON.


  • Decentralization
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness
  • Smooth UX/UI Platform
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Free participation in voting
  • Supports ERC-20/TRC-10 governance tokens

Team TronLink Wallet Addresses:
Issy: TYbQWX9iUXeDzvBqsrKYfJtY4S6vtHdGYb
Connie: TEBsaXuzhwnDbV1QcDcXUUnGzrNU9kkbPT
Joanne: TToq2M43waQU2qrxLuyh1kyfiDEqJ6Kihx
Gulya: TRjLKyws2oYsYvGwvYo4WPipW4rBQ7AgBn


I like the idea of having a platform unifying the DAO’s voting protocols.
Nevertheless I don’t think many people will like the idea of input their name and wallet address on a google sheet. I know it’s just a temporary measure but I don’t see the interest of collecting names.

And erc-20 I guess you mean trc-20 :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep up the good work, I’m curious to see where all of this is going :raised_hands:

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Hola, es interesante a nivel de unificación, pero concuerdo con el compañero que ingresar los datos personales no es muy compatible aunque sea de forma temporal. Esperamos el desarrollo.

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Thank you, we really appreciate the feedback!

The security and privacy aspect is a great point that we hope to develop. We keep the form anonymous so users only enter their wallet address, but ideally when we do develop the backend capabilities of our site the voting power would be automatically calculated through the TronLink wallet account on our site. Keep the great suggestions coming!

-Connie from Level

Good job @john yang & your team
Congratulations :blush: