Picardy Protocol by Picardy (Decentralized Economy for Independent Artistes, Creators and Labels)

Project Name: Picardy Protocol
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Picardy
Team Member(s): 2 ( @oracle , @Arch.xyz)
Project Goal: The main aim of Picardy Protocol is to implement a smooth transition for artistes and creators into web3, by creating an ecosystem for them to distribute, earn and raise funds through various mechanisms governed by smart contracts.
We also aim to provide decentralized cataloging for independent artistes and creators.

Project Repo/Website:

Project Details: Making it easy for creators, artistes and even developers, Picardy Protocol is built as a modular framework to be reused, and to imitate a social graph, where both creators and fans mint a profile in form of an BRC721 token. The profile minted is the key to getting the full utilities of the protocol.

The Picardy Protocol is built to support and improve ways independent creators, artistes, and labels within the community distribute, earn, raise funds and track their projects. The community acting as a DAO (3rd DAO), governs the affairs of Picardy protocol and proper usage.

The 3rd DAO presides over decisions being made, like artistes or creators to invest in with the liquidity pool contributed by the 3rd Vault investors. The 3rd DAO also takes charge of the services & products provided by the platform using the protocol and any upgrades or updates needed to the protocol.

The 3rd Vault is created to act as a liquidity pool for the 3rd DAO vault investors, to invest in a community vetted artist or other interest generating projects.

Picardy Protocol also provides a Creator’s follow factory where a follow factory is minted as an BRC721 token every time a creator is followed. Just like a BRC721 token, it can be minted for free or for a price like a subscription based plan for their premium content.

Creation of creator’s token is also possible for creators and artistes, so their fans can own and have IRL (in Real Life) utilities like passes for the artiste’s concerts or listening parties. The creator tokens are created as BRC20 tokens, that can be easily exchanged.

Figure above: Integrating Picardy Protocol to our web2 music distribution service

Earning as a creator can really be tricky and non existent for so many independent creators. The Picardy Protocol addresses the ways to earn or raise funds for creators, by having a Royalty Sales factory , where artistes or producers can sell a percentage of their royalties in any chosen project distributed by us, to their fans or community, so as to raise funds to sponsor their project making.

The fans who buy into the royalties of any artiste or producer, get returns according to their investment into the artiste’s royalties, when the royalties start coming in, for any indicated period (by the creator ).

These said royalties can either be in form of NFTs (BRC721 tokens) or BRC20 tokens.

The protocol allows calling of oracles for off chain royalties data from some of the Royalty Collection Agencies, so as to build a comprehensive database of royalties for artistes & producers who distribute through us. This makes it easy to keep track incase of giving back to fans or the investors from 3rd DAO.

We also have crowd pulling for creators for projects or events from their fans or the community (3rd DAO).

Join Discord: Picardy


This is definitely a win for upcoming artistes.


definitely is. Majority of our team are vastly educated with the problems associated in music and with independent artistes.


What are your plans to attract artists and creators to use your platform? Also, the NFT on TRON will be TRC721? I notice in the details you mention Ethereum. Are you launching on TRON or BTTC?

Also, do you have a website?


We offer free distribution to independent artistes and creators to get their projects to all major streaming platforms and stores.
Also, yes the NFT will be TRC721. It was a slight oversight from our copy.
We do have a website but it hasn’t integrated the Picardy Protocol.
Website: www.picardy.io


We are launching on BTTC rather than TRON because of certain nuances within the Tron web. The website is stated below because we assumed we replied directly to you.
Sorry for the oversight.


Excelente expectativas :fire::venezuela::100::eyes:


It doesn’t seem your devpost URL is connected. Have you submitted your project yet to the Hackathon?


It is. But we aren’t done with some changes and final touches.
I think that’s why you may not be able to view it.


You can now watch our submission video here or on devpost. Thank you for your feedbacks.


As a creator, this is actually great. wondering when this will be done finally?


Very very lovely , great user experience & amazing functionality! I’m definitely rooting for this.


:open_mouth: i love the updates to the uploads. Let’s goooo​:rocket::rocket:


:slight_smile: we’re looking to go further after the hackathon is done. Thank you for your feedback.

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Thank youuuu :blush: means a lot.

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Its really been an interesting ride from the Opening ceremony till now, there has been alot of learning and figuring out. I’m glad i was able to build with a really awesome team

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yes it has been an interesting one, partner :slight_smile:

I think that It realy a good project!


I think so too. Just need more people to have a look.


Thank you @Tomasino it’s been a journey for us. We just hope it gets to everyone’s ears.