Empireland: strategy game with NFT-economy focus

Project Name: Empireland
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: Octan Labs
Team Member(s): 5
DevPost URL: Empireland game | Devpost
Project Goal: building an interesting game with sustainable NFT-economy and marketplace
Project Info: pitch deck later
Project Repo/Website:
Project Details:
Empireland is a Strategy Game added with RPG, RTS and MOBA elements. You can play the game for entertainment plus receiving passive income. Due to game modes’ solid connection, Empireland will have a stable in-game economy.
Short story:
The game takes place in 998 years after the day Malekinos was banished from the land. The 6 kingdoms also underwent many bureaucratic and military reforms in order to strengthen their positions. However, there must be an ultimate ruler who could unite the 6 Kingdoms under one banner, lead the world of Manohorg against the Emperor of the Darkest Flame and his armies. Will the 6 powerful Landlords bow before their new master? Will they be ready to put aside their differences and unite to defeat the demons? It’s totally up to you.
Empireland has a deep narrative like a novel that you can read everyday. Players can discover the story of the Manahorg world in the game through different cinematic and storytellers once they complete the missions.

NFT economy
Empireland focuses on building a diverse NFT economy in terms of type and attributes. We divide the earning profits into 2 types, including token earning and NFT fragments. I want everyone to understand the importance of NFT within the game, like how players of the Yugioh card deck game collect every single precious card and exchange it with each other. There are some NFT types which are super rare and they can only be hunted in game. Of course, we also have a burning model for controlling NFT inflation.

Game mode:
Empireland has a great combination of the 3 gameplay modes. It has an empire fantasy style game.

  • Battleship mode is a MOBA game on web: The system will provide players with a standard NFT minion including 36+ units divided by 3 tiers, for free. Players will be allowed to match for the fights with initial points, they spend points buying units and arrange those into the battlefield (each side 36 grids). Each tier will need a different number of grids , has different fight turns, has different passive/active skills, and has different points. In each fight, players will assign the units attack enemy’s grids protected by a fog layer. Which side defeats all the units of the competitor first will win the game.
  • Story Quest mode is an RPG game on web: Players play the Hero role and explore the lands in Empireland. They will have to fight different monsters with limited daily power. To fight stronger monsters in the higher-level lands, players need to constantly upgrade their hero level.
  • War mode is RTS game mode implemented on mobile representing a full vision of the world within Empireland with its castles, armies, guilds and war.

Scholarship system:
Because there are many NFTs which can only be hunted in Empireland, scholarship will help players to earn some passive incomes without selling their NFTs. In addition, players with less investment can also maximize their income by renting NFT instead of buying them.

Project Milestones:
Testnet and demo: https://test.empireland.io/
Full story in game Empireland: Manahorg - Story begin - YouTube
Github repo for NFT-heroes GitHub - Octan-Lab/Empireland_Heroes_NFT


@Paven Love RPG style games so would love to see the set up for this, are you going to introduce your own token or focus on NFT for this? looking at itmes and in game purchases for resources especially on the RPG items such as zenny to buy items from FF7 :grin:


we focus on NFT-economy first. Tokenomics may come later. Thanks for your interest on Empireland @Simon

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So is war mode like Rise of Kingdoms on mobile phone?


a little bit. War mode looks like Evony’s gameplay. But we build it with another way, more suitable for gameguild & NFT economic. And we have built Empireland from scratch even art design


I see on your twitter account that you are building it on Fantom. Are you going to build it on Tron or BTTC as well? If yes can you mention it on your twitter?

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That is a good point. :laughing: Why join Tron Hackathon if its not on TRON.

Yeah I went across their telegram group and the only message I’ve found about Tron/BTTC is a “Tron Cloud Mining” scam probably from a bot. So I’m curious to know if we have to expect something on Tron/BTTC. If yes, why not talking about on all their social networks to get their community excited by the Hackathon and if no, then why participating in this competition?

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thank a lot for your concerns. We initially planned to build Empireland on Fantom. However, some troubles came to its ecosystem, discouraging many developers. We’ve decided to move out of Fantom, then look for supports from other layer-1 foundations. A better EVM-compatible platform is necessary for the long-run development and growth of Empireland. In fact, we’ve deployed out NFT contracts and marketplace contracts on Tron Shata testnet.

  • heroes NFT contracts on Tron shata testnet
    “gov”: “TRF1r7QW4kzuYZJkfPygpS5aQUaPwmMcms”,
    “rental”: “TW7WBHuwiDG26oVzkuMthPqgu1d4CkRhWm”,
    “eplHeroes”: “TXav9HdeTCzn4G7ogWv3J45FakUSkCq2sg”,
    “redemption”: “TDjjFQKsFRp2YbTdQBamvGdvrAMJcPh1Lk”,
    “box”: “TJXG4kDr44MFLvVq391rvcCBqPYZ17Hez9”,
    “saleEvents”: “TW3835mgxpzZQLgEx8bYnb9oU8TA2RX1UD”.

  • NFT-marketplace contract on Tron Shata testnet.
    “management”: “TUNRWdder6A9xNVFhqjDM5sZtY2DKA8FKV”,
    “archive”: “TXzoqoEDFU1tFgRDfeZNDsonwnG4u8UDzW”,
    “marketplace”: “TBgznFaE6jAzN9k6dqMifk9XNeKkbgD9Zw”,
    “collection”: [ “TFEaLkFgru2WW6iwHCqgMUgictBC3nQe7t” ],
    “pub721”: “TDAhaRAj1btoiEwqkFaz542cv7SMD1CmaT”,
    “pub1155”: “TK99DuB6ARE4HCH6xp4jvELiSG1xehv18A”,
    “minter”: “TLH65ad6c1LFaA64xP3pQPjP29xhQwfiVr”

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Thanks for your answer.
Also promoting it on your social networks and bringing your community over here on the forum will help you for the community vote in August. Good luck :+1:


TRON is TVM, its bit different than EVM, but actually BitTorrent Chain is EVM based.


yes, We’re aware it, and consider Bittorrent too. In fact, we deployed NFT contracts on Tron Shata testnet successfully (Bittorrent is easier technically)

The preview looks amazing. I’m getting this error Cannot GET /web-desktop/ after clicking on game

Cool project, anyway we can reach out? Would love to follow up and learn more, I’m one of the hackathon judges - Twitter: ClarenceLiu feel free to DM

thanks for your interest. I just follow you on Twitter

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I’m new here and i feel like I’m a bit lost