SwapStation - Swap NFTs across different blockchains

Project Name: Swap Station
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Swap Station
Team Member(s): 1
Project Goal: Make swapping NFTs across different blockchains easy and accessible

DevPost URL: Swap Station | Devpost
Website Preview: https://www.swapstation.io/preview


SwapStation.io is a one of a kind marketplace for NFT collectors to showcase, discover, and swap NFTs across different blockchains. So instead of selling NFTs for crypto, you are swapping them for other NFTs whether they’re on the same blockchain or across different chain.

You can import any NFTs to SwapStation, put your token up for trade and start receiving swap offers. Likewise, if you see anything you like you can place an offer using a token you wish to exchange for. The swap takes place when both parties accept the trade.

One of the best things about SwapStation is that nearly everything is free. We wanted to make this platform available to everyone, so no gas fee is required when importing, creating listings and making offers. The only time a payment is required is when an actual swap transaction takes place.

The Process


  • Seller/Maker imports NFT from supported blockchains into SwapStation, then puts their NFT up for trade by creating a listing.

  • Buyer/Taker browses available listings and make an offer on a listing by importing their own NFT into SwapStation.

  • If seller accepts an offer, the listed NFT is transfered to the buyer and the offered NFT is transfered to the seller.

  • Seller can cancels a listing and remove it from discoverability and all pending offers.

  • Buyer can retract an offer for a listing if it has not been accepted by the seller yet.

Future work

There’s a lot of work to be done before the product could be considered production ready:

  • Prepare a strategic roadmap of the project which will include development and marketing efforts.
  • Build the core team.
  • Refine the user experience for better NFT discovery and collections management.
  • Expand the number of supported blockchains.
  • Penetration tests and close any gaps in security vulnerabilities.
  • Implement transaction fees as a monetization strategy so the project can be self-sustainable.

Preview Screenshots


You did a good job of explaining it, wonderful project.

While I was taking a look at the material, your diagram picked me awesome diagram

Looking forward to seeing more from you :raised_hands: I’m the CBO of the Tronbies brand, #N18. Keep pushing and hopefully we get to work together in the future! Best of luck :muscle::100:

How’s the future work going? Can’t wait to see some project updates!

@EMerchant @MONST3R thanks so much for the interest! We have set up a Twitter account very recently and will be providing updates there https://twitter.com/swapstationio. We are planning to go live with support for TRON and NEAR by this December. Will keep you guys updated!

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Please give us some updates here too so the community members who are not using twitter can follow your project development :muscle:

Nice one but, Lets say i swap my NFT from one chain to the other. What will happen to the value of my NFT, will it remain the same or it will reduce in value?

I’m not a part of the team but I think the idea here is about collectible’s mobility. Not really about nft’s prices. The price is what the buyer is ok to pay you. If your goal is to maximise your gains, you can take advantage of the price difference between blockchains with the bridge.

What comes to my mind is: what about the copy pasted projects? I know that’s a sensitive topic. But let’s say I own an nft on a blockchain and there is a copy paste project who has minted the exact same design on an other chain. What will be the value of my nft if I migrate my nft on that blockchain? I’m not waiting for an answer :smile: It will probably be a legal issue discussed by legal experts.

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Exactly how i wanted to frame my question. I wanted to cite cryptopunk and tpunks , meebit and tronmeebit.

How does this seek to solve this or the only swapping can be done if it is original and not fully cloned. Hahaha

Ah yeah so we have the same concern. I think it will be solved in court and that some people will have big troubles :sweat_smile:

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Hahahaha each person claiming ownership of the same thing. Battle awaits us. :rofl::rofl:

I was more thinking about copy paste projects teams being sued by original projects + by holders who have been fooled (since most of those copy paste claimed to be the original teams or have agreement with them).

Sorry for taking all the space on your post but that’s an interesting question :smile: good luck for your project :+1:

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I think this project once successful will go a long way to bring about creativity and originality as it will deter other people from fully cloning other projects on other chains. I wish them the best in this hackathon and i want them to deliver something that will bring sanity to the NFTspace.

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@fabsltsa @Nana66419 Thanks for the interest in the project. That is indeed an interesting question, and a problem as well since it defeats the purpose of NFTs being unique, as every one of them should be whether they are on one chain or another. But this is only my opinion, and I’m sure there are artists/producers out there with opposing views.

To answer the question and clarify, SwapStation’s goal is to give people the ability to swap one or more NFTs with another so people don’t have to resort to selling an NFT in order to buy or upgrade to another, paying sales royalties in the process which can be very expensive the higher the value of the NFT is. When swapping across chain, we don’t intend to duplicate the NFT on another chain like bridges do, but merely to change ownership of both NFTs on their own chain respectively. So the values of the NFTs are kept as is on their respective chain and only the ownership is changed.

We are currently in an accelerator programme working towards seed round investment and we’ll share more details and progress update soon, will definitely post the update here as well!


Thanks for the clarification :+1:

That great, i now understand it perfectly. Wishing you the best this season.

Sharing a one page overview of the project here

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