Apexgo - A full suite of NFT solutions for businesses, collection creators, and NFT enthusiasts

Project Name: Apexgo
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: The Apexgo team
Team Member(s): To be added in the next few days
DevPost URL: Apexgo | Devpost

Project Goal: Apexgo sees a need for an NFT specific API that provides the tools necessary to make comprehensive applications for NFTs. Current APIs only touch the surface of what is truly needed to cross over NFT utility to the day to day lives of individuals. Our API focuses on a B2B and B2C approach in order to increase mass adoption of NFTs.

Project Info: Apexgo offers solutions that allows businesses, developers, collection creators, and NFT enthusiasts the ability to integrate NFTs into their business model, their applications, and their everyday lives without the burden of having to be a tech guru.

Project Repo/Website: https://apexgo.io/
Demo Video: 29 June, 2022 - Apexgo-Site-Overview.mp4 on Vimeo

Project Details: We built Apexgo with both a business-to-business and business-to-consumer approach. We are the only NFT API that is doing this. Apexgo provides an NFT API for businesses and developers to incorporate NFT technology. Furthermore, Apexgo gives collection creators full control of their collection while giving the users access to all their NFT data along with products, applications, and services that are exclusive for their collections.

Development Completed:

  1. Apexgo rarity tool for any collection on any blockchain. All metadata is on our servers and ready to be used by NFT holders, developers, collection creators, and businesses.

  1. Apexgo has deployed an OpenSea Chrome extension that allows users to see an NFT’s rarity, along with its traits, directly on Open Sea.

Download the OpenSea Extension: Apexgo - Chrome Web Store

  1. Apexgo API is public.

  2. Collection Creator Verified Rarity Score - Collection Creators can log in with their verified address and modify the weight for each NFT trait so that it aligns with the vision of their collection.

  1. Current integration with Tron, Polygon, and Ethereum. Many more coming soon. See all your NFTs from all the different chains in one place. Make what you want private or public. Make your NFTs your Twitter avatar, automatically update your social accounts with your NFT selections, and view your NFTs on any other application using the Apexgo API.

  1. Apexgo Discord Bot (free of charge) - Now any collection can download the Apexgo Discord bot on their Discord server and grant their community direct access to rarity scores, transaction data, metadata info, floor price, and much more.

Project Milestones: Our objective is to be the premier NFT solution for businesses, collection creators, developers, and NFT holders. We are working on a suite of Web 3.0 solutions that will bridge NFTs to the real world. Below are the applications that we are currently working on.


Are you going to integrate with ApeNFT marketplace?


how real these whould be applicable in the real world and for how long it is going to take to make the technology applicable in real world industries solutions


Our API is open to all developers. Any developer or entity can utilize our API to fetch the desired NFT data.


Thats a great work Keep it up


Beatiful! Is an big proyect! To the moon


Lots of interesting features other than only a rarity checker website. Promising project!


What’s the vision for the year 2023?


You have successfully combined different concepts. Keep going bro!


How do you see this project in the next 10 years?


that’s and incredible project for the NFT world, keep it going guys!


I think that’s the best thing of apexgo.
@rhuanstts :fire:


Wow, great presentation! I have been keeping an eye on apexgo since I minted my first TronBull. I’m loving your vision and where you guys are heading! I’m the CBO of the Tronbies brand, #N18. Looking forward to working with you guys :muscle::100:


Huh, that looks interesting

Congrats again on the winning during season 2 hackathon!

Any updates happening for the project?