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Project Name : NFTBeats
Project Track : NFT
Team Name : NFTBeats
Team Member(s) : 1
DevPost URL : NFTBeats - Devpost
Project Goal : Aggregate all NFT-related data and serve API and stats
Project Info :


NFTBeats is TRON-specific and very flexible GraphQL NFT API with beautiful stats.

Video Demo

Live Project

Problem to Solve

Aggregated NFT data is only available in the specific chain, which makes it harder for the TRON NFT project

NFT API is usually not open source. So The community can not manage it


That’s where NFTBeats comes in. We’re the service for tracking NFT on the TRON blockchain. With our easy-to-use platform, you can quickly and easily see NFT-related data and use it in your dApps with our open-source API.

NFTBeats only uses the open-source library and framework so that it can be run in any environment.


Dune Analytics and Moralis inspire us. Two industry leaders in the world of blockchain data aggregation. And just like them, we’re committed to providing our users with the most accurate and up-to-date NFT information possible.

How it works

I built an ethers.js provider wrapper for the TRON blockchain, then used the provider to fetch block and transaction receipt data through JSON RPC API, then parse it into the NFT transfer log.

Then the data is served by GraphQL API.

Technical Challenge

TRON blockchain block-producing time is 3 seconds, much faster than Ethereum.

This speed makes data syncing a bit difficult. I had to build a parallel processing architecture by google cloud run.

And data API should be very flexible, I used Hasura for the GraphQL engine, and it makes development much faster.

How to use NFTBeats

Top Page

The top page is stats data, and you can access API & docs from the top menu bar.


API is served at

The left side is the explorer to build the query.

When you run the query, the result is displayed right side.

Only limited queries are served in the hackathon. Please create PR for more data!


Docs are served at

This is a detailed GraphQL endpoint for the developer

Possible Business Model - Plan


More information is coming later.


The development part is almost ready.

Current issues are the followings

  • I’m from an EVM background, so I need to check the specific requirement of Tron NFT
  • I build a sync service, but it takes a long time to complete, so I need to make it faster.

Need more information on this, I can it’s getting interesting…



I’m preparing a demo video and API specification, also an explanation about how the system works! I’ll post it soon!

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It is a very good idea to be in NFT world

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it bullish
Tron DAO to the world
to the moon guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::sweat_smile:

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I’m having an issue syncing the block from the TRON network because it takes a long time to complete, so I think the demo only syncs the latest block and major NFT contracts only.

Now I’ve updated the video, and live project URL and submitted them in DevPost too!!

If you have feedback for NFTBeats, please leave a comment!

12h after submission. The sync is working fine, and the app looks better!

After two days of running, the cost status is like this.

Currently, I set more minimum instances than required to keep it stable, but I can reduce the instance. I’ll reduce the instance and check it later.

(This is important part for the business model)

After one week of experiments, the backend is working perfectly.

I keep the data as it is, but I stop sincing for now.

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Nice project coming from a solo-hacker. Easy-to-use platform encouraged more developers on-boarding. However, I would advise comprehensive doucumentation or guide book for this beat for Developers choosing Tron as their first chain to build on.
LOVE this