Twittron - Accept first|Claim later using web2 naming

Project Name: Twittron
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: None
Team Member(s): 3 members (@choongpw, my other team member has not created yet)
DevPost URL: Twittron | Devpost

Project Goal: Onboard new users to web3 easier by connecting with a known web2 handle/username. We also aim to address the issues whereby users no longer need to remember wallet addresses to transfer funds.

Project Info: The idea of the project is to make use of the smart contract to act as a deposit vault until a validated Twitter user redeems the fund that belongs to them. It gives the sender (user) the convenience to transfer funds to a user they know. Vice versa, the receiver user has the control to choose which wallet address they want the fund deposit to at their convenience.

Project Repo/Website: Twittron | Heroku
Deployed Contract: TH3ovtppS46QZqY2rU52cWg7M56x6j4iXr (Shasta Testnet)
Project Details: Is in the Devpost link
Project Milestones: We have managed to build a production-ready MVP currently deployed on Shasta Testnet. We managed to include the support for native TRX as well as any TRC20 token.

Updated Demo

Previous Demo


how secure is your platform? Is it possible to decrease the number of steps to redeem the funds?



This reminds me a lot of a Paypal donation link. Will it only work for Twitter @ names or can it also work for Reddit users or even TronDao Forum users?


@Kerk There are a few ways to break your questions down.

  1. we didn’t reinvent the authentication of the application. As you can see, the login method was provided using the API method provided by Twitter (in this case is using the OAuth2). Therefore I think is quite secure in a way.
  2. from the smart contract side. All the important functions can only be triggered by the Owner account. And for the backend part of it, we also make sure that the Twitter handle matches the session id of the application before calling those functions that might affect how the fund gets transferred.

@WindsOfChange92 Thanks for your interest in this project. Yeah, Twitter is our current scope of the hackathon that we intended to do. Likewise, we do foresee the opportunity to expand it to other platforms.


Thank you so much for all these clarifications. Best of luck :+1: :boom:


what kind of pay strings do these look like?

Sounds like an awesome project! :partying_face:

@CoinCollector I don’t get your questions. Anyway, we have made some improvements in regards to error handling and the performance of the transaction already.

Hoping to make the TRC20 token support by the end of the due date for the hackathon. *** finger-crossed ***

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Heads-up. We managed to add support for TRC20 and some fee optimization to the transaction.

In the process to update our video to share it with you guys again. Looking forward to it :smiley:

Proud to share our latest update here. We manage to add support for TRC20, and reduce the gas fee for transaction by properly configure the use of public, external, and internal smart contract function. :slight_smile:

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Awesome update! Keep us updated <3

Seems like the award winning project.

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@CoinCollector, thanks for the warm feedback.

Honestly, it was the feedback that encouraged us to continue to work on the improvement we have in mind.

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Has potential. But needs more dept.

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Thanks for looking at the project. Do share with us what additional thing you’re looking for?

this is great, does it plan to be expanded to other suitable forums as well


I do like the idea, i do work on a project that does pretty much the same stuff