@TronTest2 not giving test TRX anymore?

I’ve been getting some testnet TRXs everyday to test my dapp but looks like the Twitter bot is not working for the last couple of days. Have I been blacklisted or is the bot down?



I got it after like 2 days, check out the tron dev discord, they give you test tokens instantly


Yeah I think I tried the discord bot once but it gives you only 1000 TRX while the Twitter bot gives you 10,000 TRX. Thanks anyway :+1:

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Looks like they raised it to 5000 TRX, much better to test contracts

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Try telegram bot it works fine.

username : @TronFAQBot

Send in this format : !nile your wallet address


My project required a lot of Testnet coin. I had to gather millions of Shasta Testnet TRX and went through a dozen twitter accounts over months. We are uploading data from sales transactions and our mining points and we used staking of Energy to not burn TRX.

I found that 80% of the accounts in a day did not receive coin. Sometimes it was dry for days, and then started up again. Twice I found the well dry for 2 weeks and then posted in the Tron Dev group on Telegram and it was fixed in a few hours.

I am just guessing, but it seems as though it runs out of a daily supply and that is why not all accounts received coin.

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