Wink Financial - A Web3 Payroll & Treasury Management solution for web3 companies

Project Name: Wink Financial

Project Track: DeFi, Web3

Team Name: wink

Team Member(s): 5

DevPost URL: Wink Financial | Devpost

Project Goal: Our mission is to empower DAOs, blockchain gaming studios & crypto companies to operate with agility and financial clarity.

Project Info:
Wink is a Web3 Payroll & Treasury Management solution for web3 companies that allows companies to pay with any crypto faster and easier than ever.

Through an Excel file you will be able to pay to yours employees, it’s too simple. After that, you choose how to hold their working capital, whether it be in BTC, ETH, or any stablecoin or even all of them combine.
Done this, employees can also choose in which Token’s they want to collect their salary and in which wallet they want it to be deposited, being able to change it freely, without having to report the change to anyone.

For example: you can have all your working capital in USDT, and one of your employees can choose to receive 100% of their salary in BTC, and another can choose 50% in ETH and 50% in DAI.

In this way, our Web3 solution offers transparency, fast delivery, optimized fees and a user experience prepared for people who do not know about blockchain. In addition, no KYC process is required, facilitating and speeding up onboarding for any type of company that is AML compliant.

Project Repo/Website:
wink financial:
code: Wink Financial · GitHub

Project Details:
app: Wink Financial - YouTube

Project Milestones - Next Steps:
Payroll is just the beginning and it is the spearhead to insert the new products that we are going to launch in the next 18 months. Expanding our range of services not only to the universe of payments 3.0, but also to treasury, investments, loans, and more. In addition, we are going to add new features such as: Dashboard, Reporting, Integration with quickbooks, SAP, Integration with exchanges.


Your name is very familiar to on TRON. Do you have plans on implementing your payroll platform on TRON or on BTTC?


Lovely INNOVATION here
Hope this will help and manage payment options in big companies that operates with crypto.

Secondly, incorporating TRON as another payment options will be nice…
I believe you can handle that.

Good work here once again

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Hi @WindsOfChange92!
You’re right!.

Yes, we are going to launch our solution in the middle of July on TRON.

Thank you for your interest!


Thank you so much @Gordian!

Yes! We believe that our solution can help different businesses, as you said before. On the other hand, we are excited to launch our Web3 solution on TRON in the middle of July.

Thank you for your feedback!


Great idea you are presenting here. Making payments easier for companies is an innovative solution for sure. Are you guys affiliated with ?


Hey @moneymoto. Thank you for your support! .

We don’t have any affilation with, you can find us as

Thank you!


Great will have a look! All the best!


Great project! Do you have any limits regarding the supported tokens? I think it would also be a great idea if you partner with JMPay offered by @JustMoney, so you can go cross chain as well.
Best of luck :+1:


Hello @Kerk,

We don’t have any quantity limits regarding the supported tokens. Currently, our solution supports multiple tokens such us: USDT, DAI, USDC, and WBTC on Etherium and Binance blockchains. We are working on incorporating the TRON blockchain. After that, we will add USDT and TRX to TRON. At the moment, we have focused on those tokens that have enough liquidity pools.

Do you recommend us to add another token?

Thank you!


Thanks for your prompt response. Maybe adding USDD as well would be a good idea.

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looking forward to your launch to see how it works.great innovation


Wait why do you do this through an excel file?

Hello @CoinCollector,

Our first MVP is based on an excel file. In the future, we will add more options.

On the other hand, what other option do you recommend for us?

Thank you.

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Why is the YouTube video private?

Hey @moneymoto.

We have uploaded a new version.

Thanks for your interest.

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You have effectively joined various ideas. Continue to go buddy!


This looks great and congrats on the hackathon season 2 prize!

Is the team working on any updates for Wink Financial?

Hey @EMerchant.

Yes, we are adding new features. We usually communicate this kind of announcement on twitter
or Telegram: Contact @winkfinancial.