MetaVote - Vote for the Favorite One!

Project Name: MetaVote
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: DreamTown
Team Member(s): 2 (GokhanCeylan - DragonOfDD)
DevPost URL: DevPost Project
Project Goal: We are building an online poll platform by using the blockchain system in the Web3 category.
Project Info: We are building a web3 system using web2 level Reddit, Quora style famous survey-discussion sites and voting in tv competitions instead of sending SMS or mobile app votes.
You can overview our platform presentation here.
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Project Details:

You can reach out our demo video here.

Hi, we have a question for you. What do you think these people have in common?

  • A group of friends having a game discussion
  • A football lover eagerly waiting for the World Cup
  • An amateur singer who wants to go to his concert to watch his idol
  • A popcorn lover waiting for season 4 of his favorite show

They become a fan, and they are ready to defend it. We see that under social media posts, TV shows, and forum sites, people tend to support what they are fans of. However, it is unclear where and how comments or votes are kept, and people may find this unsafe. In addition, the fact that voting systems are not built with a more robust infrastructure reduces people’s trust and, thus, participation.

As MetaVote, we started our journey right here. We have created a blockchain-based forum-voting platform for sports fans, anime lovers, bookworms, those who want to discuss politics, defend their fans, comment, and others. After logging in, users select the categories they are interested in from the main screen. Then they can enter the polls that create the discussion topics they want within the categories. They can vote for the concepts they support in the poll and participate in the discussion from the comment section below.

What If they can not find any exciting poll? If so, the user can CREATE A POLL and open the topic of discussion about the poll. It can be selected whether the poll duration and voting results will be displayed instantly. Thus, the results for the desired polls will only appear when the voting is over. You see wallets in the discussion areas, but public polls will be open to everyone and free of charge.

First, you register your Crypto Wallet in our system. Thanks to these personalized wallets, each person can only vote once in voting. In addition, our survey results will be announced after the poll period ends. In this way, people can vote freely without being affected by herd mentality. Finally, some people may want to vote privately in such surveys; for example, I am one of them. For such cases, we also added a “hidden” submit button when participating in the survey.

Project Milestones:

As a DAPP project, the votes sent from the front end will be stored on the blockchain infrastructure instead of in a centralized database. Why we transformed web2 to web3: First, there is a concern that the votes will be changed; this transformation will eliminate this concern. On the other hand, it ensures that the voting rules remain fixed and open to the public. Briefly, we will build our web3 system using web2 level Reddit, Quora style famous survey sites, and the logic of sending SMS or mobile app votes in competitions.


Interesting project to utilize Blockchain for community voting


These is a great project


this is good project but it will require marketing and promotions from popular TV shows as otherwise people would not be interested in logging onto some unidentified and unpopular website. just my opinion :smiley:

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this is a very nice concept, sounds really interesting

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