Crypto Recycling Machine - A dapp which brings together recycling and defi

Project Name: Crypto Recycling Machine
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Golubovic
Team Member(s): 2, @acafaca and @dzoni-hash
DevPost URL: Crypto Recycling Machine | Devpost
Project Goal: To give an opportunity to recycle different kinds of bottles and get paid in crypto currency
Project Info: Crypto Recycling Machine - Tron Grand Hackathon 2022 - YouTube
Project Repo/Website: GitHub - dzoni-hash/TRON-Grand-Hackathon-2022
Project Details:


Crypto Recycling Machine is a project developed for TRON Grand Hackathon 2022. It gives an opportunity to recycle different kinds of bottles and get paid in crypto currency. You’ve probably seen a recycling machines or reverse vending machines that accepts bottles and rewards you with some coupons or tokens that you can spend later or get a refund for some product. So, idea was to bring together recycling and crypto. We decided to make a recycling machine where you can put different kind of bottles, and get a reward in crypto currency, in this case in $TRX and $USDT tokens. We don’t poses this type of machine, so we made a Proof of Concept just to illustrate what we wanted to achieve.

What it does

The project consists of 2 units:

  • Recycling Machine Emulator

A service running on Raspberry Pi which uses a breadboard, some LEDs and buttons to simulate inserting the bottle into the recycling machine. Each button on the breadboard represents an inserting different kind of bottle: Aluminium cans, glass bottles, tetra pak, or PET.

  • Recycling Machine server and client

Used for user interaction with the machine and interaction between the recycling machine and smart contracts on TRON Shasta testnet network. The Recycling Machine supports payments on Shasta network in $TRX or $USDT tokens. There is also an option to donate the money.


  • React
  • Node.js
  • Solidity
  • Docker

What’s next for Crypto Recycling Machine

We are currently working on a back office app, which will be used to manage the recycling machine contracts. It will allow administrator to deploy a new Recycling Machine contracts, manage existing ones and follow theirs statistics. For example, admin could see the balance, total amount donated, number of payouts, etc.


Not everybody is familiar with Shasta so it’s good to tell that Shasta coins got no real value. It will avoid deceptions :+1:

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Just a question: Have you already got some contacts with Recycling Machines companies? What is their opinion about adding your future software to their machines? Do you have some kind of agreement already?

Contracts are deployed on Shasta Testnet for the purposes of this hackathon. If the project comes to life, the contracts will be deployed on Mainnet.

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So far we haven’t got any contact with Recycling Machine companies, but we believe that some companies would be interested.

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Thanks for your answers.

I understand that the project is currently on testnet. Just stating for those who don’t know what it is that it’s useless for non-devs to try accumulating Shasta trx. The amount of people claiming trx on Shasta faucets thinking that they can sell those is ridiculous :smile: