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Topic title: RecycleTRON - incentivizing carbon reduction for EVERYONE

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Project Name: RecycleTRON
Project Track: Web3, NFT Ecosystem, Academy
Team Name: RecycleTron
Team Member(s): pikachul (chulahn)
DevPost URL: RecycleTRON | Devpost
Project Goal: Incentivize users to sponsor recycle bins in highly populated areas, and to use designated recycle bins.
Project Info: RecycleTRON - Google Slides
Project Website: Run locally
Project Test Instructions: Contract address: TS5aiBXBwvmUzFfjnoBWLgHuyLYtPVFvdc
Project Details: RecycleTRON is a carbon credit influenced marketplace that gamifies the act of recycling. NFTs are issued to those that sponsor a recycle bin, and thus get updated as more material gets recycled. A Carbon credit is then issued when a certain amount of material is recycled, and also upgrades the NFT when custom thresholds are met. Those who wish to participate by simply recycling, take their material to a sponsored location, and record dropping off the material, to then be issued a token.
Project Milestones: Smart contract deployed, Running

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good community engagement are likely to win and receive additional funding after the initial hackathon. 
Therefore, participants should update their project posts to be as detailed as possible and
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Waiting and expecting to see it come through


anticipating it , Recycle tron :blush:


Very good project trust me is very good one that we can trust continue doing the good job team

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Good topic selection of climate change.

How do you plan to incentivise and still keep the platform profitable?

it seems interesting, wanna see try on my server :slight_smile: