Picasarts on TRON - The Defi NFT Marketplace

Project Name: Picasarts on TRON - The Defi NFT Marketplace
Project Track: DeFi, NFT
Team Name: Calamus Labs
Team Member(s): 3 Team Members
DevPost URL: Picasarts.io on TRON - The Defi NFT Marketplace | Devpost
Project Goal: The Defi NFT Marketplace on TRON to mint, sell, buy NFTs and Loan, Lending Borrowing, Staking, Loyalty Program for NFTs

Project Info:
At Picasarts on TRON, we aim to offer NFT owners a convenient, secured and multi-chain platform to make the most value out of their NFTs.

We chose TRON because it is a comprehensive platform with TVM (highly compatible with EVM); thus, we can save time for R&D and focus more on building features instead. Plus, TRON’s BTFS is the perfect low-cost media storage system we are looking for.

Picasarts on TRON is an all-in-one financial solution for NFTs. Users can trade, stake, take a loan and join loyalty programs with NFTs.

Project Repo/Website: https://tron.picasarts.io/
Project Details:
Fundamental functions:

  • Buy/Sell/Auction NFTs on the marketplace
  • Setup Royalty fee
  • Minting NFT on TRON
  • NFT Launchpad
  • FT factory
  • Integrate with TRX Wallet
  • Use BTFS to store IPFS

Outstanding functions:

  • Arrange a loan with NFTs as collateral
    The web app will act as a platform to connect Lenders and Borrowers. Borrowers can use their NFT as collateral. The value of that NFT is determined by mutual consent.

  • Stake NFTs
    NFT Creators (Artists) will sell copies of their NFTs to Collectors.
    Collectors can then stake those NFTs in a pool created by Artists and earn rewards periodically.
    The reward can be a fungible token issued by Artists on Picasarts on TRON (i.e., ART).

With ART, Collectors can gain an advantage in buying more NFTs from Artists at private sales before launch day. Collectors can also possess governance over Artists and their collections. As a token, ART may also have monetary value and can be traded on a platform (i.e., Ethereum).

Collectors can withdraw their NFTs from the pool at any time.

  • Loyalty Program on-chain
    Picasarts on TRON offers a loyalty program for all NFT sellers and buyers on the platform. For each transaction, traders will be rewarded with a number of points, which will then be accumulated and exchanged for promotional codes and other benefits on Picasarts on TRON.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  • Build an NFT Marketplace on a new platform with limited resources.
  • Overcome technical challenges to accomplish goals.
  • Promote the use of NFTs and diversify the value of NFTs.
  • Develop a full-functioning platform on 3rd attempt.
  • Gain a lot of in-depth knowledge about blockchain and finance.
  • Able to take a loan with our own NFTs.

Our tech stack

Project Milestones:

  • Go live on TRON mainnet.
  • NFT Lending and Borrowing: Improve NFTs Validation scheme.
  • Configure BTFS into a storage host to receive the host Node reward.
  • Seeking organic users and building a community.
  • Improve user’s experience and flow.
  • Optimize the Web Frontend page to look more artistic.
  • Call for investment and mentoring.

Is this going to be updated soon?


We are planning to update the content this week

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We have updated our content up to date!


We have updated our tech stack :wave:


You explained it in quality and in detail, nice project

Interesting project, seems to be very thought out

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You have decentralized yes but in fact I have been excited to see NFT part
happy to watch your progress :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch! We are still perfecting it :raised_hands:

Thanks for the compliment. You can test it out at: tron.picasarts.io :grin:

Our lending/borrowing and NFT staking are ready for test! Please have a look and I look forward to your feedback. Thanks a lot :muscle:

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Very nice project!looking forward to seeing the progress


Hey guys, your presentation looks solid! I’m the CBO of Tronbies brand, #N18. Maybe we can work together in the future! :muscle:


Hi @Atlantica, thanks for your interest. We will surely keep you updated of every milestone : )

Cool project! Thanks for visiting, I believe Picasarts and Tronbies would definitely work well together in the future. Where can I stay connected with you @MONST3R?

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Glad to hear it and thank you! You can always connect with me on twitter or telegram @METAMONST3R Keep building! :muscle::raised_hands:


Great! Talk to you real soon @MONST3R :raised_hands:


thoroughly explained, looks interesting, best of luck

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Thanks a lot @Amelia. Good luck to you too :crossed_fingers:

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very nice idea good job

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