TimeCapsule.Day - On-chain time capsules on the BitTorrent blockchain

On-chain time capsules on the BitTorrent blockchain.

Project Name : TimeCapsule
Project Track : Web3
Team Name : AlexBaker
Team Member(s) : 1
DevPost URL : TimeCapsule.Day | Devpost
Project Goal : Sending messages through space and time =)


I wanted to create something magical.

What it does

  • Create your own date-locked time capsule.
  • Pay for each message with your own token.
  • Withdraw tokens when the capsule is unpacked.
  • Each message is encrypted and stored on-chain forever.

What’s next for TimeCapsule.Day

I will make a more convenient user interface.


Hi friends, you won’t help me in testing :blush:

Write your message in the time capsule, let’s find out who guesses the winner of the Hackathon :sweat_smile:


  • Capsule open: Now - August 2
  • Capsule encrypt: August 2
  • Capsule decrypt: August 17

Create your own capsule, where your fantasy will take you, how you can use it :exploding_head:



So they are encrypted messages. But how are they published?

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sounds like a project i heard from

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Thank you for your interest.

When a capsule is created, a public and private key is generated.
Messages are encrypted with the time capsule’s public key.
The owner of the capsule must save the private key in order to decrypt all messages in the future.

You can make sure that all messages written in the capsule are paid by paying with the capsule creator’s own token.

Then the script is like this:

  • When the capsule is encrypted, the owner receives 40% of all tokens;
  • When the capsule is opened, the owner receives all the remaining coins in the capsule (this motivation will allow the creator of the capsule to securely store the private key in order to decrypt messages and receive a reward for this).

There will be a script in the future to delegate the decryption of the capsule to a third party.

Also, in the smart contract there is such a scenario that each message is encrypted with the public key of the creator of the message, and not the creator of the capsule.
But in this case, each author of the message needs to store his private key and when the capsule opens, decrypt his message on his own.


sup guys, i like the idea do you guys have a twitter i can follow?


I love that there still are developments on the Bittorent blockchain


Hi, I don’t know if it’s possible to create multiple accounts on twitter with the same phone number.
For now, my strategy is that everything should be open source, so everything is published on git.

I think the BitTorrent blockchain has the advantage of having the same wallet addresses as Ethereum.

bittorrent was a pioneer in decentralized technology, adding it up with blockchain will make it more advanced

This is Interesting! I am anxious to see it fully deployed

How do you see the project in the next 10 years?


  • Educational institutions create their own token.
  • Every year, graduates receive a token, with which they send an encrypted message to a time capsule for X years.
  • At the end of time, the educational institution opens the capsule and former graduates see their messages.


  • Companies create their own token.
  • When hiring, interns are given a token and asked to write a message in a time capsule about how they see themselves in the company in X years.
  • When the capsule is deciphered, one can observe with interest whose predictions have come true.

I think it is possible to make a market for capsule tokens, thus creating a value added to them.


This is a great project. Go team!

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Do I still have time guess the winner of hackathon on capsule?

The capsule is already packed :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Great project! Keep on building! Such features are desirable! :+1:

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Nice Concept guys! really would like to see some social media links especially a twitter, and telegram account :eyes:

TimeCapsule :see_no_evil: Tron Hackathon 2022 ll

Decrypted :monkey_face:: TimeCapsule.Day/tron

  • Step 1:

  • Step 2:

  • Step 3:

  • Step 4:

The project is alive :smile: