Hotpot - Launch a DAO in one minute

Project Name: Hotpot
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Hotpot Labs
Team Member(s): 10 @hotpot
DevPost URL: hotpot | Devpost
Project Goal:
Hotpot makes incorporation in Web3 (DAO) as easy as that in any Countries.

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Launching a DAO is not easy for newcomers in blockchain due to the technical difficulty of blockchain principles. Hotpot Network provides easy launching steps for people outside the blockchain world to start a DAO within a few clicks. Any newcomers can design their token economics with our user-friendly configuration interface to address the goals of different communities. Our platform consists of multi-chain support for smart contracts, a user-friendly web interface, SDK, and various toolboxes for different DAOs. Moreover, the platform itself is also a DAO, all the decisions and executions are supervised by the hotpot community.

Hotpot is a blockchain-native DAO-launching platform. We guide users through an interactive, tutorial-style procedure to design token economics for DAOs. We use bonding curve, a general case of automated market maker algorithms for the token economics design. However, it is non-obvious for users to understand different key parameters in token economics design. Instead, we use an artificial intelligence-powered system to search the optimal bonding curve parameters. Users only need to describe the intended DAO market cap at different stages. Then, a bonding curve-based smart contract can be deployed immediately, at no cost.

Most existing DAO projects are using Liquidity Pool or NFT based principles for governance. However, bonding curve could be the optimal way for DAO launching as proved by constitution DAO, Assange DAO. Governance token based on bonding curve lacks sufficient community support, which prevents users from diving deep into this type of AMMs.

Hotpot aims to help users learn and launch bonding curve-based tokens through artificial intelligence-powered interactive sessions, and provide them similar swaps functionality as Uniswap.

Project Milestones: Testnet Version, anyone can launch a DAO equipped with tokenomics without a liquidity pool.


Is this going to be launched on BTTC or Tron? I noticed you are using IPFS on your deck slides, have you guys also looked into BitTorrent File System?

Looks like launching a DAO will be super easy in the future. :smiley:


Can you provide an example of different parameters that can be adjusted and the datapoints collected to use AI? Just wondering what you are going to predict on for historical data

Yes, it will happen soon! Stay tuned.

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Hey, linear model fitting is implemented right now.

Hot pot is gonna be too hot with climate crisis