Dazzle Protocol - Send tokens and NFT’s to anyone through a simple link

Project Name: Dazzle Protocol

Project Track: DeFi

Team Name: Lightning Robot

Team Member(s): 2

DevPost URL: Dazzle Protocol | Devpost

Project Goal: Be a gateway to onboard a new wave of users into the DeFi ecosystem by providing a safe and practical UX

Project Info:

Dazzle is a dApp that allows you to send tokens and NFT’s to anyone through a simple link, so you can onboard your friends into DeFi just by sending them a link via email or your favorite messaging app.

To accomplish this all you have to do is to connect your wallet to the dApp and select the asset you wish to send then the Smart Contract will proceed to deposit said asset in its vault and generate a unique link for it, this link can be password protected if you want. After that you can share the link with one of your friends, who can claim the assets at any time and generate a brand-new wallet (public + private keys) for them or transfer them to an existing one.

Our goal is to create an experience as friendly as possible for those users who have low to no contact with Crypto or DeFi, and to make that transition from web2 to web3 seamless. So, one of the features that we are adding to our dApp for this hackathon is something we call Smart Wallet, in it we generate a wallet via Smart Contract that can be associated with a Google/Facebook/Twitter account to be managed in a very similar way to web2. This is experimental and something that we are very excited to implement as direct and simple experiences at this level we believe are key to mass adoption.

We have tested part of our concept in Hedera network and now with TRON we’ll stablish our framework to integrate other EVM blockchains to the workflow.

Project Repo/Website:

Project Details:

Project Milestones:

  • Refactor our current Smart Contract to add the new feature and deploy on testnet
  • Code frontend/backend for TRON
  • Code frontend/backend for Smart Wallet
  • Add blockchain selector in main page
  • Add claims history

Our scope for the hackathon will be to deploy and test on the Shasta Testnet. Then after a complete testing and audit of the contracts we will be deploying into mainnet.


Do you have a submission ond devpost? Your link says I am not authorized yet to see this.

What kind of security processes do you have in place like what happens if an email is compromised?

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Hi! We submitted the full info and project yesterday. You can give it a look now

When the Smartwallet is created you have to configure a 6 digit code, this code will be asked to authorize the transactions

Can you please send a test link so I can experience receiving?

Please let me know which network to try on and if there are any special instructions. You can DM me on Twitter at @fulldecent or just post here and hopefully nobody steals it.

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Sure William, it would be a pleasure! Here you have 3 links to test.

Dazzle Protocol [150 TRX]
Dazzle Protocol [33 USDT]
Dazzle Protocol [120 TRX]

The Tron dapp is working on the Nile testnet, there’re 3 ways to claim:

1 - You can claim with an existing Tronlink wallet
2 - You can generate a new wallet with the tokens and the dapp will give you the public/private keys
3 - You can generate a Smartwallet with the assets using a Google account, with this you can receive and transfer them just using the dapp

We started with our Twitter account last week, is @DazzleProtocol

Thanks for your interest

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I truly loved the designs, it would suit this undertaking well overall.

Thank you, we’re glad you liked them

:brain::exploding_head: Today we started a fun activity on our Twitter account to test the claim links. You can go there and solve a fun riddle to unlock the link and test our claim process.

Leave us a comment if you unlock any of them!



@DazzleProtocol congrats on being placed in the winners bracket for the hackathon!

How’s the complete testing and contract auditing going? I’m sure the team is excited to deploy on the mainnet!