ASPIS Protocol | Create asset management DAOs, protect your investments

Project Name: ASPIS Protocol
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: ASPIS Team
Team Member(s): 4 team members
DevPost URL: ASPIS | Devpost
Project Goal: Increase governance transparency, bring REAL onchain governance to projects, protect investors, increase transparency in web3 projects management, increase ROI for startups → Reduce number of scams, Increase investment efficiency in the indstry (only strong foundational projects will get financing)
Project Info:

ASPIS Short pitch:

  1. Current crypto projects and funds lacking on an efficient tool to manage their assets and relationships with investors in a transparent way and investors have no real control of what is happening with their funds inside the project or fund. Investors just transfer their assets at their own risk using ineffective legal contracts with no real protection or even not using any contracts at all.
  2. Founders of crypto projects are not motivated to develop their projects after they successfully raised funds and sometimes do exit scams such as rug pulls or just imitating project activity with no real search of real customers and product-market-fit. Investors are not protected from either of these activities now. Since the current legal system has proven itself to be costly, ineffective, and not really protecting investors but adding headache to the founders another solution needs to be discovered
  3. Investment DAOs can address the lack of transparency and can align information asymmetry and motivations between investors and funds managers bringing more control to investors and protecting them from malicious actions performed by bad actors.
  4. Current DAO constructors are lacking of mass adoption since they are too general and do not satisfy business or community needs. To develop tailored DAO for a certain project or fund it needs to develop from scratch, which is costly and ineffective.
  5. ASPIS presents a constructor for asset management DAOs (DAOs that store community funds such as funds or project’s treasury of tokens and raised funds). Using our intuitive UI, asset managers can deploy their own DAO with all specific parameters for voting, onboarding, and offboarding rules and fees with irreversible on-chain execution.
  6. On ASPIS investors can track the performance and operations of the DAOs they’ve invested in, start or participate in key decisions of the DAO, such as controlling tools for DAO managers (whitelist wallets they are able to interact with using DAO capital or putting limits on monthly spendings). Rage quit and safety measures are also included in basic DAO mechanics and will be adopted by all DAOs launched on ASPIS.
  7. Investors can browse through all DAOs deployed with ASPIS constructor and choose funds and projects they want to join knowing that all DAOs built on ASPIS are safe and they have control over their invested capital.

Pitch deck: DocSend
How to set up a DAO: Create your first DAO fund - Aspis
Application form for beta testers (Chosen early beta testers will be rewarded with ASPIS tokens): ASPIS Application Form

Project Repo/Website: Info:; App:;
Project Details: # Main things you can do with ASPIS :

  • Create tailored DAO for asset management and treasury management (project’s raised funds management)
  • Control manager’s and founder’s spendings via restricting them withdrawals and managing limits
  • Raise funds for your DAO on ASPIS Investment Marketplace
  • Manage DAO’s assets with the highest level of transparency and investors’ control
  • Index Funds for groups of assets (Index for L2, Index for Decentralized Storage, Index for DeFi, etc.)
  • Provide investors with the ability to claim unvested tokens even after DAO dismissal
  • Transfer ownership of unvested tokens and DAO-funds’ shares via ERC 1155 (collectible NFTs)
  • Automate vesting for up to 255 contributors. No headache anymore, investors get their tokens themselves

Project Milestones:
[07/22] MVP Deployed; Create your asset management DAO on;
[06/22] Beta testing application form created. Application form for beta testers: ASPIS Application Form;
[05/22] Demo Video created;


I tried making a DAO using your demo but its not deployed on TRON or Bittorrent. Are you deploying on these?

Great project to engage in. You should opt in