Go AFRICA : DeFi platform for financing agro-pastoral projets in Africa

Project Name : Go Africa

Project Track: DeFi

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Project Goal: The Goal of Go Africa is provide to African a democratized solution to finance agricultural projects using DeFi

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Project Web site link : https://tron-hackathon.go-africa.io/

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Micro or small-scale farming is the main source of income for more than half a billion Africans. However, Africa’s agricultural productivity is among the lowest in the world. According to the World Bank, an investment of 80 billion USD per year is needed to meet Africa’s food demand. Access to appropriate financial services is therefore a prerequisite for realizing the potential of African agriculture, but so far less than 3% of bank credit is allocated to this sector. Considering the development of this sector therefore means finding a more democratized solution for financing the agro pastoral sector’s entrepreneurs. This is the objective of the Go Africa platform, which will allow each producer to obtain financing for his project in the form of a loan on our platform.

What it does

Go-Africa is the first African crowd funding platform dedicated to the financing of agro pastoral projects, so the objective is to serve as a bridge between the diaspora and innovative projects in the agro pastoral sector. Go-Africa has a crowd-funding platform that will bring together diaspora, project holders and technical partners, to name a few

How we built it

We build the app on both web and mobile to make it easily accessible for everyone. We permit creative agro pastoral project owners to create projects on the platform, once the project has been studied by experts and concluded to be profitable, the project is then approved and opened for investments. We choose to integrate Tron to facilitate investment transactions through investing with crypto currency, making possible for anyone to invest on the projects

Challenges we ran into

We found it difficult to quickly get to grips with the solidity programming language and the various Tron packages as we had more experience with web and mobile technologies such as Flutter, Angular and Java spring as well as NodeJs. It was a real challenge for us to implement our solution with these technologies in the given time.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

This project in its experimental phase (www.go-africa.io) would have allowed us to raise already 40 million CFA francs loan about the equivalent of 70,000 dollars in 3 months and we do not intend to stop there. We have just developed a beta version of our project on Tron’s Blockchain as a Web application that would allow any project owner to see his project financed once validated by investors through USDT(TRC20). This application using Tron’s Blockchain and smart contract in the investment process.

What we learned

Tron platform, Solidity, Angular and many more

What’s next for Go Africa

In the coming days we plan to campaign to African producers and young people to finance as many projects as possible in the next 5 years in order to gain experience in managing agricultural projects and to build a large community around our project. This community will allow us to support the launch of our ADC Token (Africa Dream Coin) which will be the first token in the world of crypto currency dedicated solely to the agricultural sector. We expect this to be done with the support of Tron Foundation & community

Build with : Built with: Solidity, angular, nodejs, amazon-web-services, express.js, spring-boot, Mysql

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