Renifi - Helping African businesses to automate their payments

Project Name: Renifi

Project Track: DeFi

Team Name: Renifi

Team Member(s): 5 @jamestinubu @Jamez

DevPost URL: Ore Afolayan (Mr Miyagi of Marketing)'s (orednl) software portfolio | Devpost

Project Goal: Helping African digital businesses to scale by automating their payments.

Project Info:
Renifi.pdf (1.1 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Reni Finance Demo Video - YouTube)

Project Details: Start from here Register for an account, generate your unique API and start making and accepting payments

Project Milestones: Partner, Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. With $150k worth of Web and Cloud credits, we would be rounding off the Frontend development of our MVP.

Starting the 4-week Octopus Accelerator Program on Monday, 14th November 2022, which provides us a chance to win $50k Grant to complete our MVP.

Already on-boarded 2,000 potential Users on our Waitlist. They would test the product as soon as it is completed.

Launch product in March 2023.


Nice conceptđź‘Ť
Good team work.


very good project i must admit


Thank you for the positive feedback, Kunlex :rocket:

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Thank you very much, Salim :rocket:

Love the video! Pretty easy and direct! Great idea and kudos to the team!


Nice one, I can’t wait to see it lunch

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We are glad you love it. We can’t wait to have you test the product, as soon as it is completed.

We too, Adamu Ahmed. We can’t wait. Thank you for the positive feedback.

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Looking forward to exploring this,
Nice idea and concept @theoreafolayan

Is their any blockchain use cases in the project?

Yes, there is.

Our major Blockchain use case is “Money Transfer”, and our solution is built on Ethereum.

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Thank you very much for this positive feedback :rocket::rocket:

Good project… Keep it up…

Thank you very much, Kelekele.


Would really like to be part of this,

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@theoreafolayan If you can add a Tron based settlement system it will save most business on expenses so this will no doubt be of great use :raised_hands:

Excited to hear this. Let’s connect, Champ.

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Yes Yes, we are looking at incorporating a Tron-based settlement system. It’s way more affordable and the perfect system to integrate into our product.

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You’re welcome theoreafolayan…