What Hackathon Projects are you most excited about and why?

Have a look through all of the different applicants and share which ones you’re most excited for!

Not meant to be a debate post, just general discussion and chance for everyone to hear of something new!


Digital Mart is awesome though


Ill check that one out! What about Digital Mart are you most excited for?


MeDo or OpenSourced are very interesting projects that could bring some Crypto Freelancing.

JMPay for Ecommerce Payments is well done.

Balrok on GameFi looks cool.


Easy!!! #AfricaStars of course, many outside the African continent really don’t know much or nothing about Africa.

There is alot of media propaganda out there not showing the true nature of the Continent, it’s devised culture and enchanting beauty. This project have been able to showcase Africa through its NFT project, creating and raising funds through Charitable foundation.

Get ready to be educated and as we being the Motherland close to you​:heart::fire::100:


AfricaStars, USTX Warp, Crystl Finance, JustMoney, ThanxFinance, Baoziswap


JustMoney Pay, WARP, AfricaStars, Tronbies, LionX, Cubie, iSwap, Tronninjas,… many many good projects already established growing their ecosystem.
Then some promising new comers such as ThanX Finance, Crystl Finance, SaTT,…

I could add a lot of names up here. The competition for the Hackathon season 2 is a lot bigger than the season 1. The level is pretty high. No one is guaranteed to be amongst the winners. That makes the Hackathon very exciting!


The fact that you can buy anything you want with crypto, a decentralised marketplace with an onchain tracking system, a marketplace for merchants to also come in and sale their products and get paid in crypto and users can buy all they want with crypto, solves alot of problems in the cryptospace if u ask me and makes it enticing for new users to come in, and will help grow the crypto space too


There are tons of project out there but I support AfricaStars, LionX, Tronbies, Justmoney, TWJ, Cubie. These projects are really awesome and trustworthy😊


Have you checked out Tokeniz

We thought NFTs on their own were not much, if I wanted to wish someone on his Birthday :partying_face: and created my own digital greeting using a NFT, it will have 0 monetary value, and who likes cheap​:poop: gifts.

While exploring for a solution we made Tokeniz Giving Value to NFTs, where you can lock your crypto tokens with the NFTs which you can transfer to anyone or list on any marketplace.

You can check it out yourself at

And read details at

But fun doesn’t stop there.
While developing we discovered Tokeniz can used for many other purposes such as Trustless P2P transactions, as well as fee less transactions allowing us to create a NFT market place where you can pay vai a credit card to buy.

We would be developing all this in upcoming 3 months and hope to provide you with a NFT with great usecase.
Btw we have just acquired Tokeniz.tech, and will be moving everything there so please show us your support @everyone,

And provide your suggestions on the forum

Thank you


USTX WARP, Justmoney and Tronbies


USTX Warp and Crystl Finance. I love to make good yields :slight_smile:


There’s so many great visions and ideas coming to life during this Season’s Grand Hackathon.
It’s great to see how active this Network could be! I’m excited for all of the Utilities being added to Tron. A lot of projects are targeting real world use cases that are solving problems from Traditional systems & operations. This season is a true showcase of The overall value of Tron Network as a whole.
Good luck to everyone :fist::lion:


Quite a number of them, Baoziswap by @SafeMoney , JM Pay too, Tronbies, TronNinjas too. A lot of them, I believe the season will be a tough one, quite a lot of projects on Ground.

Which shows how strong TRX is now :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


You should check out TruQoin. They are quietly setting up a cool interoperability platform and are testing it with one client right now. Since they launched 6 seeks ago, they have grow from .06 cents to $2,18. I’m trying to find out when they are going to launch on an exchange so I can buy a bunch of coin.

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TheRevolt. Because it is a card game with a special vibe. We need time to relax also and here meet some things. Blockchain nft and a good time. Coins tradeable on sunswap and development after a few years allmost ready. German quality. Closed bèta this month. So do not miss this.


Cukies world is going to be the most exciting and lovely game, because it’s a mix between cheese and rare animals that everyone love, and different ways of playing, and as you know, everybody loves challenges!!!


Excited about AfricaStars in NFT category, but there are so many great projects that continue building.


JustMoney team keeps delivering and JM Pay is a very good product.
Same goes for USTX Team, WARP is an example of creativity using the tools that the Tron ecosystem offers. They have taken JustLend, Sun.io, USDD and blended them to provide the best yield for users.
I also like tpMarket, something new.


The best projects are those who bring innovation. Many projects are just carryovers from other blockchains.

The most promising are the following, one per categery:
WARP, JM PAY, AfricaStars, TronVerse