Colswap by Team Col - A DEX that compensates for Impermanent Loss with Algo Stablecoin

Allocating 50% of transaction fees to liquidity providers sounds like a fair distribution, providing a significant incentive for market makers to participate in the platform. Have you considered implementing a dynamic fee structure that adjusts based on factors like market volatility or liquidity levels? This could potentially optimize incentives and ensure fairness over time.

Ok, I ask because I have been reading on how security on Blockchain is very important to be very safe from all the hacks going up and down, thanks for sharing

Thank you for your suggestion. Dynamically adjusting the fee structure is a suitable mechanism and we should do it.

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You are welcome!Thank you for your attention.

Thanks for putting my suggestion into consideration, kudos!!

Yes and thank you for your level of work that you are putting and for sharing your work with us

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how is this Dex different from other dex’s ? :thinking:

Hii the project is decent but I like it