CONGRATS TO MEπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰, At Long Last, I am one of the Regular Members on this Forum

Sure, you will all get there :pray:t2:

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Good day everyone, I’m hazael Elysion a francophone (basically I speak more of French, so my English might not be perfect as yours)

Going through the forum few days ago I saw a chat from @fabsltsa about a gaming arena/ casino on the Tron blockchain I think it’s amazing and that’s what I will be bringing to this hackathon.

My first time participating in a hackathon and I hope I will be able to get your support.

What is fun planet?
It’s a casino/gaming arena on the Tron blockchain where you get to play your favorite games and also earn while doing it.

Due to the limited time
Games that will be available on funplanet will be limited but I hope to incoprate as many more as I can.

Kindly drop your list of games thank you :purple_heart::people_hugging:


Hello Mate
You are welcome to Tron forum Hackathon session 4
Here I don’t think language is a barrier

Our mobile devices makes it easy for communication and language translation

You idea on games are all welcome
The support you need we will gift you

All the best


Ooh great you are most welcome. As for support you have us so no problem.
Set dorahack and let’s start the ball rolling.


And for language, most of us are not Britain and US natives, we are all trying :joy: so feel free


Bonne chance pour le Hackathon :+1:


Thanks so much Prince. I really appreciate

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Merci beaucoup mon frère. Merci pour le soutien.

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You are most welcome :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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