Fawna: Decentralized Animal Sponsorships


Fawna: Decentralized Animal Sponsorhips

Fawna is a fully on-chain dApp that allows users to adopt and sponsor animals through the TRC-721 Token built and deployed on Tron. Funds that go into adopting will be donated directly towards the animal and/or adoption platform of their choice.

Fawna attempts to combat the dire situation of animal extinction/endangerment. Through several recent environmental influences, animals have suffered extreme consequences. To address this, Fawna incentivizes donation and contribution to the cause using an NFT that symbolizes proof of adoption. Essentially, Fawna gamifies the process of donation by providing a momento that is integrated fully on-chain, building and deployed on Tron. The platform incorporates a marketplace, on which users are able to adopt animals and list them for adoption. Once an animal is adopted, the user is able to change its name and it will appear on the profile page as part of the user’s animal collection. The animal token that is visible will contain animal and the token metadata such as the name, description, and origins.

Due to the charitable nature of the platform, our team decided that Tron was an excellent chain to deploy our contracts. It minimizes transaction fees and speed, improving the UX which is essentially a further incentivizes customers to use the platform. In addition, Tron is still layer 1, allowing DPOS to maximize transaction securities and finality. The developmental process was seamless due to comprehensive documentation and the the ease of use of various SDK’s and available tools. The static front-end was built using React js., with which we communicated on-chain data using the robust javascript-compatible TronWeb and TronLink SDK’s. The user’s data is only stored as a local cache, thus further securitizing the user experience and data. Utilizing all of the aforementioned tools and tech allowed Tron to be the optimal chain for our platform.

Slide Deck: FAWNA - Google Slides
GitHub: GitHub - vincetiu8/hack-web3-2022: An animal sponsorship dApp built for TRON Hack Web3


Hola, es perfecto la idea de emplear un NFT para ayudar a otros, os deseo mucha suerte.


Thank you! We really hope to impact our environment and uplift animals and people with this project!


Good work, thanks for the inspiration


This is a good project that will have a positive impact in the environment I live in​:dancer::dancer:. I am glad project like this exists. Kudos to the team​:+1::+1:


This is really an interesting innovation

Awesome and very nice project

An Awesome idea. After adopting the animal, how do u track its wellbeing. I am just curious, i might be in Ghana and adopt a panda in china.

After the adoption, what else. Or thats not how it works. Can u please throw more light on it.

cons bro. Its a good idea

love the name and the project

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