Happy birthday to You Hunter (Trondao Community Lead)

Hello #tronics, today is a great day. One of our wonderful trondao team is celebrating his birthday today. He is the community lead at Trondao, in the person of @HunterTRON

Happy happy birthday brother, mate, Sir…:birthday::birthday:

I have known you for about a year now and you are amazing. Very humble and friendly.

Thanks for all the advice you give and your mentorship. God bless your new age

We shall meet one day. Enjoy your Turkey trip and have a wonderful birthday and #BinanceBlockchainWeek

More love :heart::heart:


Happy birthday :birthday: @HunterTRON De great man more fruitful years ahead, enjoy your day and the turkey trip as well
Ahead ahead :zap:

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Happy birthday @HunterTRON the boss man

Wish you many more years ahead :pray::pray:

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Happy birthday brother @HunterTRON

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HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY @HunterTRON !:tada: On your special day, may the air be filled with laughter, the moments be wrapped in joy, and the path ahead glow with possibilities…

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Happy birthday friend may the force be with you

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Happy birthday :birthday:
May you and TRON have a great success this year.:tada:

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Happy birthday @HunterTRON, may all the green candles align facing the moon for you on this day. Enjoy :blush:


Happy belated birthday to @HunterTRON keep smashing it on all fronts, cheers :clinking_glasses: