Help ! help !🚨 iphone storage full, how do i clear system data!

My Iphone keeps saying “storage full” eventhough i have deleted all videos there is to delete, i have deleted all photos, i have deleted all apps with the exception of whatsapp and chrome.

Still my memory is full. I have done all there is do, i have even factory reset the phone but to no avail.
I realized system data is eaten up all my memory space.

Now my question is, how do i clear this system data. The phone is gradually taking me out of all social media handles and currently it has taken me out of all wallets and exchanges.

If anyone can assist me, i will be very grateful. All the youtube videos on how to free up this system data does not work.

@TronNinjas @fabsltsa

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Ops sorry about that.

I could say
I’m facing the same issue but the android version.

This has a big way of taking you out of media,
Lots battling space warning every hour.

Please iPhone what?

Hola, lo que te puedo decir es que las aplicaciones de redes sociales ocupan mucho espacio de memoria, incluso cuando no las utilizas.
Me pasaba lo mismo en mi android, y yo no las uso, hasta que investigando por dentro el teléfono pude comprobar que estas aplicaciones ya vienen incluidas y las borré.
No se si te funcionará en tu Iphone.

swapping will help :joy:
This issue, I think it’s unsolvable

almost a year now

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Swapping like how. Exchanging it for other phone anaaa. Where do i swap for a nice one

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Can’t get you a specific place but there are a lot on Kumasi. You add some money and they will give you another one depending on the money you add.

or buy a new one, not easy but try

I dont want them to sell me soap ooo. Kumasi we dey, they can do u shege :rofl::rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: that one de3 if you cheap yourself small

The problem has been fixed, and i have been able to free up to 23gig of space.

All i needed to do was to update my software. So I downloaded a new update and all the system data was freed.

All those videos on youtube are bogus cos none will tell you to do the exact thing that will free up this space, they will only tell you shit things for over 15minutes and all of them dont work.

I wonder why people do that shit just to get people to watch their videos. Why do you have to lie to earn a living. I will descend on them one day and blast them off the social media landscape.

In the meantime if you have this problem,
Check for new updates and update the phone to the latest firmware. All will be solved.

Thank me later


Oh wow
Congratulations, this is helpful

Well for the YouTube video… I can’t really blame any of em…

For the ones that can’t give you what you want you leave asap.

For Me I find YouTube very helpful for me.
At some point I was wondering why it free.

Just my opinion

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Could this update still be helpful for iPhone 6 users
Their browser not compatible with Forum?

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Yh my iphone is 6s plus so try it out, check for the new update for your iphone and update it accordingly

Oh really 6plus
Is what you using for the forum.
Please which browser you using?

I am using google chrome.

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