How to get editor badge in 10 secs

A lot of users have been struggling on how to get their basic badge, but did you know some badges can also make it quick to get the basic bages. E.g the editor badge


  1. Click on any topic
  2. Click on reply, then type anything wrong
  3. Make the comments
  4. You will see a place like a pen icon which you use to edit it.
  5. Edit it and recorrect it.
  6. Place your correct comment
  7. Your Editor badge will appear.

Hope this was helpful.:heart::people_hugging:


Are you sure about this? :thinking:

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Yes, try it and see, your editor badge will appear. Do well to comment when you get yours :+1:

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Muchas gracias por sus palabras y consejos :pray: repetisión

thanks for the advice boss

Let me give this a try

So to get an editor badge you have to … edit :exploding_head::grin:
Follow TronDao bot tutorial. It can help.


Obtaining other badge will help in getting the basic badge(Trust level 1) !!

I am not really sure about that though
I have gotten several badges (11badges) and I have not yet obtained the basic badge :sob:.

Others will say engage in discussions, follow Dev Talks, @Hackathon, Tron Discussion and it will boost your timing in obtaining the basic barge

Don’t forget to always use emojis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::+1::+1::+1::kissing_heart:

Me giving tips have not attended the badge :name_badge::joy::sob::sob::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Lol yh thats really mind blowing :exploding_head:

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You say people need badges. Others say you have to comment and like and use smiley.
You are all wrong :grimacing:
Just have to spend time reading.

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I thought we were good. But that was a whole other level, a new dimension opening its gates to us :scream:


good strategy , mate :smile: