How to get USDD test stablecoin for Nile or Shasta?

I can’t find a faucet for this. I only found USDT


check out tron dev discord


Yes, I asked on the discord. But no response yet.


Which exact channel should I ask? There’s no #dev channel.


I joined the Tron Developers discord now, not the other general. Apparently, no one seems to know how to get USDD. One replied thinking USDT is the same as USDD. But we want to do some testing and demo using USDD.

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You can deploy your own USDD token on testnet.

The contract code of USDD is public: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器


@support.hackathon The link you sent is not testnet, it’s mainnet. I can’t get USDD tokens because I don’t own the contract, you do. Meaning I can’t deploy my own USDD tokens. You should ask your developer, they would know.

You may mis-understand what I am saying.

USDD is a standard TRC20 Token, and the contract code is public, you can download the USDD contract code from the main net and deploy it on Testnet, then you can have your own USDD.


Ok @support.hackathon I get you now. I did that u said, but after deploying to Nile, I can’t seem to deposit in USDD via the deposit function. I get


resMessage:REVERT opcode executed

And I cant get USDDTokenID too.

The deposit function was used in USDD issuance. It is not a must function for end users. you can ignore that function at all. and you can also ignore the withdraw function.

if you need the deposit function 100% working. As you can see from the below pic, The USDD has hard-coded a TRC10 token id. follow the below steps if you want to support the deposit function.

  1. issue a TRC10 USDD token on testnet
  2. Modify the TRC10 Token id in the contract source code. then deploy the contract again.


Mm I look and discuss in Discord, but Don t remember

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@support.hackathon Actually, I want to have test USDD in my wallet and then able to transfer some test USDD into another wallet, all on testnet. So, firstly, how do I mint USDD tokens? Do I even need deposit function? Sorry, I just don’t get it.

For mainnet USDD, as a normal user, you do not need the deposit function, and you cannot mint any USDD.

check this link if you want to know more about USDD. USDD | Decentralized Stablecoin Protocol | 去中心化稳定币协议

@support.hackathon Sorry but now I’m really confused. Earlier I was told I can get TEST tokens for USDD as you mentioned below.

So, I did what you said but now do you mean I can’t get test USDD tokens even I did the above?

If I can’t mint USDD on testnet then how am I supposed to get test USDD tokens on testnet? I just them to do testing for your hackathon.

The test faucet support USDD now. both Nile and shasta.

Try to get it from the Telegram Group or Discord Channel.

Please refer to the invitation link of TG group and Discord from: Helpful Links for Developers - #20 by Horlarmmy

Wow, you guys are awesome! 惊人的! But we already did all our code and demo video using USDT. Now, we have to change to USDD again…hmmm. Please let us think cos we might wanna submit another project.

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And now, we have to wait 24 hrs to get more tokens.

> ## TronFAQBOT *—* Today at 13:02
> You have requested 5000 coins (nile) in the last 24 hours. Please wait a bit, thank you!

Thank you for the effort but we just don’t have time anymore. So we will stick to USDT. Xie Xie!


The ustx team has also developed a new product on USDD for the DeFi world !! Find it here - WARP!


Warp :boom::boom: very interesting project!!


To test USDD you can just deploy a standard token, as long as it has 18 decimals it will be exactly like USDD (if you need only the standard functions like approve, transfer, etc…). You can use USDJ, it’s already on testnet.