NFTicket - Revolutionizing Event Ticketing with Blockchain Security and Transparency

This initiative of utilizing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for event ticketing is a forward-thinking approach that could significantly mitigate common issues like scams and scalping but yet there is a common concern on the verification process. How do you plan to address this, ensuring that tickets transacted in your platform are not duplicate or counterfeit?

Alright, nice all the best. Hope you get partners like Token2049 event planners to utilize your platform

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For everyone, this is certainly a great on! Can’t wait to see how well this does

You are welcome. I’ll continue to evaluate whatever comes up in the future.

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Hey @gregtanym, this looks like a common hackathon project - looking forward to seeing how you differentiate yourself from similar projects!

Curious, as others have asked previously, do you currently have any plans to onboard users or events to your platform?

Some ideas would be to work with local venues, event planners, or artists and offer them a free service so they’re not intimidated by the idea of setting it up themselves, and you could have a case study for a successful use case of your product.

Also, do users have a way to redeem/resell their tickets using an abstracted wallet or would they be required to create a new TRON wallet and activate it to access their tickets?

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Interesting approach. I want to know also, how your decentralized marketplace verify the authenticity of NFT tickets, and what measures are in place to prevent fraudulent listings or transactions?

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