Real Intrinsic Value Cryptocurrency

TruQoin is the one with real value backed by TruIQ products


I think, with the support of the real economy, can have real value, at least should have faith

if it is supported by real money, then it has a real price, like any product that has value and can be bought for money. If your question is about the cost of cryptocurrency by itself, without fiat, then not yet. For something to have a price, there must be something else behind it that has a price. Money itself is just a piece of paper. The price is given to them by the resources that the countries own (although there are also many nuances here)


I think that the world of cryptocurrencies would have to be a parallel economy, that could be used for daily life, without having to resort to fiat currency.

Yes, if is correctly managed and administraded projects, the main condition is them can improve and support alternate economics
Well… I think…

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