SelfGuard - Universal API For Encryption

Project Name: SelfGuard
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: SelfGuard
Team Member(s): Arjun Raj Jain
DevPost URL: (Devpost)
Project Goal: Bring Encrypted Notifications & File Storage to Tron

Project Info:

SelfGuard provides encryption APIs and tooling to allow web2/3 developers to build enhanced and secure UI/UX. This has initially begun with a core API layer and developer modules including Encrypted Notifications (allowing dapps to send notifications to user via email/sms without being exposed to the users data), Encrypted File Storage (allowing users to store files on decentralized storage protocols in a manner that can only be viewed/shared by the user), and Encrypted Wallets (generating secure non-custodial wallets for users).

Project Website: &
Project Details: To Be Added
Project Milestones:

Milestone 1 - Tron Wallet Integration for Notifications
Right now when a user signs up for automatic notifications they must login with Metamask (or the developer will inject their own unique random ID for the user). I want to be able to add automatic login with Tron Wallets for users who wish to subscribe to notifications.

Milestone 2 - Tron Wallet Integration for Encrypted Wallets

I want to add to the SelfGuard Core Encryption API the ability to generate NEAR Wallets that are encrypted by a user’s password.

Milestone 3 - Tron Wallet Integration for File Storage

This may be longer term (which will require TRON discussing with Lit Protocol to do user signature verification), in the meantime this can be achieved with allowing NEAR wallet users to encode an ECDSA key pair with a random password they create.

Milestone 4 - Automatic Notifications Based Upon On-Chain Events
Dapps have been requesting a way to automate notifications to users based upon on-chain events that pertain to that users’ address.


Ahem, I am not part of this team. I don’t know why you have tagged me.

If I have to guess, you copied my submission post and forgot to change the details?


For the transparency. I am tagging @admin.hackathon

I have nothing to do with this project.

My submission for hackathon can be found here:

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oh whoops you’re totally right, updating this.


Good luck dude.

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Thanks man! Let me know if you’d like to learn more