The Coin economy of "Calorie Coin"

:arrow_forward:0.Basic strategy and CEO Mr.BAEK business management mindset

  1. There is No Perfect policy and no Perfect Truth in the world ,But Keep trying untill it is good. Keep Moving for goodness, Similary Perfectness ~!!


2.Excercise should be moderate Steadily and Too much is poison.

**The American Academy of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week. However, be aware that excessive exercise can harm your health. stepn rewards infinite steps. I think this is a bad policy. A business seeks to make a profit, but at the same time it must have social value.

3.“Web3.0”, a blockchain business, should be operated by a business model in “Web2.0”, not in the blockchain.**

It is based on the mindset that even a cent should make real profits.

I think it is necessary to create a product that can feel the blockchain “web3.0” closer to reality. That way, I think we can advance the future.

1.Introducing the Calorie Coin Business Model

The first thing to know is that “Calorie Coin” won’t just focus on jumping rope. It’s a business model that aims to expand into multiple product lines.

Currently, our business model has an advertising reward and a payback model, and the projects corresponding to each model are as follows.


Value retention strategy Benchmarking business models Calorie Coin Related Projects note
Strategy Num 01 : Advertise CashWalk (Korean Famous Reward APP) JumpRope , Hula Hoop , smart dumbell, stepcoin There is no PayModel , so Have to rely on Ads
Strategy Num 02 : PayBack Money of subscription YaFit (Korean Cycle Reward App) Tread mill, Coinbike ,fitness center Payback for paid regular purchases such as monthly content. Don`t have to rely on Ads


Q1.How will the token economy policy be implemented?

1)Strategy Num 01 : Advertise

A representative benchmarking business model is “Stepn”. The difference with “Stepn” is that customers will be targeted at general users, not those with a blockchain worldview. So the goal is to actually get a token from the advertisement so that you can buy things with it.

If you walk hard a year, you can earn up to 25,000 won.

It will be built so that you can buy chewing gum right after launching.

2)Strategy Num 02 : PayBack Money of subscription

⇒ It is a project that does not have to rely on advertising because it “payback” memberships. For example, the world’s first blockchain gym in 2023, Calorie Coin Gym.

We will continue to analyze and benchmark other successful business models and create our own business model while responding flexibly to external situations.

Q2.It is not a structure in which tokens are obtained just by exercising recklessly.

limited to advertising revenue models


It will pay only 1,000 kcal per week, which is recommended by ACSM, and will not give you the right to obtain tokens more than that.

In addition, it will prevent abuse of mining by maximizing tokens that can be exchanged for coins worth approximately 50 cents a day at the coin market price.

Q3.How Have (about Token policy)?

If the token policy is fixed and then ERC-20 the smart contract is uploaded to the mainnet, if there is an error in the policy, it is a disaster.
there is nothing in the world “100%” , even there is no one to see the future.

Token policy is “Mintable” and Burable ,editable,swappable.

We will respond flexibly to external situations.

This does not mean that caloriecoin will consider policy lightly.


Currently, CalorieCoin is located in the Yonsei University startup Incubation Center. CalorieCoin will obtain advice from professors of business administration and economics, carefully select policies each time, and notify coin investors of policies

Q4.How to maintain the value of coins?

It is very important to protect the price to prevent users from leaving due to the influence of the coin price, and we will make this in the next episode.

Insights and Solutions to User Departure due to Coin Price Changes


Our goal is to expand one ecosystem in TRON, not just to proceed with the next project after benefiting from the Coin stake.
If you think there’s a better way, I’m ready to accept your opinion at any time.
Also, if you have any other questions or collaboration, please contact us below. Bye Bye



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