The implications of war in Ukraine on business

The war implications on businesses.


for my country Kenya the effects have started because the price of fertilizers which come from ukraine has really increased thus affecting local farmers be increasing cost of production of crop farming


wowwoowowow that is alot but yeah aren’t we in a recession


Yeah unless people keep changing the definition haha


Oh wow. Interesting. It is crazy how differents parts of the world are impacted differently

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Economic effect is getting worldwide

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Please I sent USDT with TRC20 and tilll now the receiving address has not seen the transaction since Three days now

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Verify that you’ve sent your usdt to your wallet address and not to the usdt contract address.

Where have you sent it from? A CEX? If yes, you can check with them what’s the issue.

I sent from bianance with USDT
And they told me on the appeal request that the money left from binance already

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Well once the funds are out of cex it takes 2 sec to arrive in your wallet so if it’s not there yet it means you’ve input the wrong wallet address. Check the tx hash

Very interest topic!!

I don’t know if we see the crypo effect

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