The Like Exhaustion in the forum and how it affects chats

Likes are very important in the forum as it shows your contributions are very much appreciated by forum members.

But what happens when you realize you have exhausted all your likes.

To me its very stressful as i see more interesting comments yet can’t like any of them.

That is your view about exhaustion of likes.


Good observations .
Some days ago I had
Same experience…
Will rub out of likes before
It even before mid day.

Hahaha i have exhausted all my likes for the day and waiting for tomorrow to start all over again.


I’m left with limited likes
It’s good be frustrating
When you run out of likes

And you read a contribution
Making so much sense that
You can’t like at that moment


I never knew I could exhaust my likes until it happened to me sometime ago. I went crazy…

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Hahahaha, sometimes I behave as if I can generate my own likes, but it’s an interesting experience

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I understand the cracy feeling
Of not able to give likes to the interesting comments.
Well I just acts as I have. Give imaginary likes


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