What do you think price of Tron will be next year

Since we’re in bear market I wonder what do you think price of TRX will be in next Bull ?

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Hopefully more than 2 dollars.


Hola, si fuera en consideración con lo que ofrece el sistema tendría que subir al menos a 1 dolar.

I think we will coast between 0.04 and 0.065 until the next bull run gathers steam sometime towards the end of 2024… I am confident we will around 90 cents on the next bull run!!!

Hola, según mi opinión se mantendrá entre los 0.049 y 0,060, al menos durante el primer trimestre.

I don’t know about how much the price of tron will be but one thing I do know is that we are going to see a lot of growth and new investors onboarding on the tron blockchain