What is the difference between tron and bttc?

Hey, I’m new to the ecosystem and I wonder why we have two different chains here. What’s the difference and why we need two? :slight_smile:


Tron network is layer 1 and uses TVM (Tron virtual Machine). Upto 2000 TPS.

BitTorrent Chain features full compatibility with EVM, allowing developers to easily migrate Ethereum-based projects onto BitTorrent Chain.

→ Up to 7,000 TPS

→ One-click migration of smart contracts

→ Average transaction fee < $0.01

→ Confirmation within 3s

→ Interoperability between Ethereum / TRON / BSC

You can check more about BitTorrent chain here : BitTorrent Chain - An Era of Connecting All Chains | BitTorrent Chain 万链互联新时代


Interesting, thank you sir

Yeah Look at it like Tron Network is a Layer1 infrastructure which cannot communicate Natively with other Blockchains.
BTTC is a Layer2 scaling solution if you will, that gives the opportunity for Blockchains to communicate with one another with fast & cheap transaction.
Interoperability connects the entire Crypto space.

For example I can take my TRC20 USDT & Swap it for ERC20 USDT & Vice versa by utilizing the BTTC Bridge.


BTTC is basically a bridge blockchain thats fast. You can go to TRON, BSC or ETH with the blockchain bridge they have implemented.