Wish Me Luck by USTX Team

We have big news: the WML token is finally live on mainnet BTTC.

Tomorrow the official results will be announced :crossed_fingers: and in the next days the launch roadmap will be published.


Congratulations on mainnet launch ! :tada:

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Congratulations team :clap::clap::clap:

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This is a great news. Congratulations on launching your project to mainnet.

Congratulations USTX team. You guys rock

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Good news congratulations :clap::clap:

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Congrats on everything

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We officially won 1st prize in DeFi for community vote. Thanks to all our supporters.


Congratulations once again :clap:

Congratulations can’t wait to see the project live now

Congratulations team
keep building

Congrats and proud of the projects friends keep building and developing :star_struck:

We wish you luck and it came to pass. May goodluck follow you always

Wish Me Luck launch date has been set to November 28th, 21:00 utc, get ready!

Some info:

  • True fairlaunch (all users buy at the same base price)
  • Luck factor up to 200% during launch (you can get up to 2x the tokens)
  • 5B BTT soft cap
  • Antiwhale, max 1B BTT per account
  • 3 days duration
  • Verified contract (view on BTTC scan)
  • No contract owner, No new minting ever, No hidden fees
  • 60% of liquidity to LP, 40% for incentives and buyback
  • Shortly after launch, liquidity will be moved to JustMoney exchange on WML/BTT and WML/USDT pairs. Market trading is open.
  • Launchpad participants will be able to redeem the tokens after 48-72 hours. There are no team tokens or airdrops, so dumping is not possible during this period.

More info on wml.ustx.io


nice, thanks for the info
all the best

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Any minimum $$ to be eligible at the fair lunch?

No minimum, only maximum of 1B BTT per account

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How will 1 wml be in btt

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yeah @Sirluke what will be the base price

@Kojopapo @Prince-Onscolo the base price depends on the total raised amount. It’s a fair launch like Pinksale, we cannot tell in advance, but we can make a few cases:

  1. 5B BTT raised (soft cap) with 150% average user luck β†’ 1 WML = 12000 BTT = circa 0.0057$ (fully diluted mcap at launch = 5.7M$)
  2. 10B BTT raised (2x soft cap) with 150% average user luck β†’ 1WML = 24000 BTT = circa 0.011$ (fully diluted mcap at launch = 11.5M$)
  3. 20B BTT raised (4x soft cap) with 150% average user luck β†’ 1WML = 48000 BTT = circa 0.023$ (fully diluted mcap at launch = 23M$)

Long term goal is 1WML = 2M BTT = 1$