A revolutionary #web3 sponsorship programme launched for #Türkiye #University #Students 💪

A revolutionary web3 sponsorship programme launched for #Türkiye #University #Students :muscle:
#GMCoin #Airdrop #FundingProgramme #Blockchain #SmartContracts

You can find the “Press Release” of GM Informatics Joint Stock Company below, in Turkish.

Keep on building on #TRON


(Q1) What are the specific criteria and application process for student groups to access funding through this program.

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Hi all!

Good question here, first of all I want to share the programme official page. This is Turkish but can easily be translated…

There are 206 Universities in Türkiye, and each University has many student groups and communities. In our research there are over 1000+ Blockchain, Fintech, Smart Contract, Software, Marketing, Biztech Research Groups and Community Groups.

They apply to our programme through a form, and once accepted, they are 99 GMCoin airdropped. They are pushed to promote their own staking platforms to get funded more (we create a separate smart contract and staking platform for their community groups, they are advised to promote that dapp within their community as well as within the university and the business platforms they are integrated, social media, word-of-mouth, etc…) . We create 3 different staking smart contracts (2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months) for them. Once they refer the staking dapp and the staker stakes GMCoins, they are awarded GMCoins separately so that they can manage their community costs and attend fairs and events for their focus. All smart contracts have different guaranteed yields.

We have a bonus yield as well, which is attached to gmdestek.com, a web3 decentralized IT services platform. At the end of the stake period a sophisticated calculations made through the official sales of the platform, and the staker as well as the community get a bonus on the sales. Think of it like they are shareholders of our platform for IT service sales.

In this manner, I am stating this on every platform. Our platform, our stake mechanism, and our smart contracts ensure all parties maximize the returns. Whether it is a stakeholder, whether it is a community,.

There are on-chain and hybrid/off-chain mechanisms to guarantee we are aligned with the regulatories.

Currently, this is only for Turkish university clubs and workgroups. They are supposed to promote their platform and our project as well.

I can clearly say that we are one of the tokens that provide real-world business operations that are attached to tokenomics.

Thanks to #TRON , we #buidl for businesses; business workflows, frameworks and processes. We #buidl for #tokenization , we #buidl for healthier and sustainable token and coin models that are purified from hype.


Great job I must confess. This is a good development and I believe the goal for this will actually be reached. I just have few questions;

  1. Will all the universities in Turkey be reached out to? And if yes, what will be the duration to cover for all universities?
  2. Will this Program be extended to other countries in the future?


Will all the universities in Turkey be reached out to? And if yes, what will be the duration to cover for all universities?

Currently, we have done some classical social posts and an official press release through some local and domestic media channels. Moreover, my team contacted around 40 blockchain clubs from different universities just today. In Türkiye, the club/workgroup presidents are assigned for two years, however, our written protocols will cover 1 year, which, if needed, can be extended. This is related to whether the university workgroups would like to be funded to achieve their community targets or not…

Will this Program be extended to other countries in the future?

If we can achieve a good community sight in Türkiye, this issue can easily be expanded to all University clubs, regardless the country. But since we are fully regulated and audited, it may not be possible to airdrop or reward some country university clubs/workgroups/research groups with GMCoin. This must be discussed.

To extend, not just University clubs or workgroups are in our focus. We are also currently focusing on other communities, like web3 associations. Since this is a claimed working model, all parties seem to win.


Brilliant Idea. I also think that having ambassadors in those universities will go a long way in helping.
I wish you all the best in all your plans aimed towards achieving your goal.