ActivSwap - Decentralised Swap with Liquidity Mining, Staking and IDO Launchpad

Project Name : ActivSwap
Project Track : DeFi
Team Name : ActivEightCoin
Team Member(s) : Rich Ward
HackerEarth Project Link : Activ8Coin - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

ActivSwap is a DEX built on the Tron blockchain which will incorporate swapping between listed assets, as well as liquidity mining and staking. ActivEightCoin (ACTIV) will be the Governance token of the exchange and holders will be able to vote on DAO proposals.

A lot of the DEX has already been created, we will now be working on a Launchpad which will focus on low marketcap IDO’s.





I might bring bad news, but the submission period for S5 ended about 12 hours ago.

You’re just sending in your submission now?

I don’t think that your submission will be valid as MY 5th October ended approximately 14 hours ago unless the team are using a time zone that still reads 5th October. They have the final say though :thinking:

Maybe a mistake just like astronautsnft if not then we are sorry you are late


Yes it’s unfortunate, my post was pending approval for a few hours on the 5th probably because it was the first post I made on the forum and only got approved today.


That was why you guys were sensitise enough to submit your project on time and avoid the rush hour as some of you may miss the deadline yet you prefer to submit your entry on the 5th October that meant to be the last day of project entry. Well, only the team can decide your fate as of now!

last days are dangerous, I leave it to the @admin.hackathon @WindsOfChange92 @StevenTRON

but next time try and avoid last days

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I wasn’t going to enter then decided to at the last minute. We’ll still do the project but it would have been nice to be part of the HackaTron to experience the competition.

Fingers crossed for that🤞

Okay, I understand! Maybe the team; @admin.hackathon @EMerchant @WindsOfChange92 @HunterTRON @StevenTRON will apply a waiver on your submission since you submitted your entry before deadline but was pending approval

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I wonder why you have a good project like this and just decided to be late in the assembly ground

A DEX that incorporates swapping between listed assets? What would the gas fee look like in comparison to actual trading of the listed assets? Cheaper than or more expensive?

Welcome to Season 5!

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Or not. On season 4 a grace period was granted, but the agreement was that on S5 the deadline would have been considered a hard one.

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If that’s the case then we should have something else to enter for the next season, have quite a few developments I want to get in for the project.

Yes, you’re right but since he said that he sent his submission before the deadline and was waiting for an approval, I won’t hold it against the team if they verify that he really sent his submission before the deadline and decide to accept his submission

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Absolutely, if this submission was waiting for approval before the end of submission period, it should be allowed for the hackaTRONs5. @admin.hackathon @WindsOfChange92 @StevenTRON @HunterTRON @EMerchant please look into this.


Have such situations occurred in previous competitions? How does the forum team usually respond?