April Discussion: This month at TRON

Hello everyone!

I would like to re-cap some of the events this month at TRON and have open discussion / feedback from the Community. Putting Community ideas first is an important aspect of creating a positive ecosystem. Our success at TRON is directly tied to the satisfaction of our Community and we are committed to building a positive ecosystem that benefits everyone.

With these posts I hope we can all discuss the pros and cons of each month in the TRON ecosystem. Please feel free to share all of your feedback in the comments below and I will engage :slight_smile:

The 2 main topics for discussion:

  1. Release of Stake 2.0
  2. Release of the JustLend Energy market

Personally, I have found the Stake 2.0 changes to be a step in the right direction for the future of the ecosystem and the adoption of new users. However, I understand the staking lock change from 3 days to 14 days has not been well received.

My opinion on the Justlend Energy market is neutral. I personally use all Community related energy markets and do not plan to change to a new marketplace. I believe it will be at the digression of each user what marketplace they will choose to use. The Justlend priced their platform at market value with other energy platforms at 120 SUN. In my experience Community energy markets are cheaper for renters and better for suppliers.

I am looking forward to reading your responses and feedback to the developments and progress TRON has made throughout the month of April 2023. If you have another topic you would like to discuss related to TRON that occurred in April please feel free to comment below and I will add any additional insight and context I may have as a Community Manager for TRON US :saluting_face:


Thank you brother, I can see you have the community at heart. You have already stated all what I wanted to say. I have said it here about the staking 2.0. I love the new changes with the exception of the lock period. 14 days too long for some of us. And I repeat, the trx we are staking wasn’t given to us through airdrop. We bought it with our hard earned money and should be allowed to stake at anytime and withdraw it at anytime or the 3 days we were used to.

And to #Justlend marketplace, personally I also use community built marketplaces and this is what as community members we can do to help ourselves.

We can’t tell the justlend team what to do, but with our actions we can let them know we love ourselves as a community and we are always ready to help ourselves. To them they may think they were providing cheaper energy and also serving their users. Not a big deal, we as the community Should show love to our community built projects by patronizing their marketplaces to motivate them. Thank you but please there must be a new proposal to change the lock days from 14 days back to 3 days. Lol the problem is many will still vote for 14days


Thank you for this great opportunity to allow the community air there views , decentralized system is when you are your own bank :bank: and have control over your funds at any given time, the 14 days locking period is not conversant at the heart of the community something needs to be done to bring back 3 days lock period…Transacting on Tron has been the cheapest but not same again, paying $2 fees to withdraw from CEX is not really friendly which might scare alots of new users away because of fear that it might turn similar to eth fees ,… thank you for the privilege to say my mind :smiley:


Thank you for coming up with this great idea to allow us contribute in some of the things that has been happening in the community.

Firstly, I will like to start by suggesting a thorough check on the SRs in the community because some of the proposals they have been coming up with lately is completely against the community’s interest.
I have argued against the increase of transaction fees in the blockchain and how this may be discouraging new investors who may not have much funds to start up with because one of the reasons that attract these investors into any blockchain is how cheap the cost of carrying out transaction is, in that blockchain. Before this era, Tron used to pride itself as the cheapest blockchain in the crypto space. Now when other blockchains are exploring ways to reduce the cost of transactions in their blockchain, Tron is increasing theirs and this made me question the motive behind that proposal.

Regarding the Stake 2.0 I must say it’s a wonderful development but the decision to extend the lock period from 3 to 14 days is a VERY BAD one which will only benefit the early investors and have the tendency of driving new and potential investors nut. I acknowledge the fact that it’s good to reward early investors for their belief and support in the early days that helped shape the future of the project but this shouldn’t be done in a manner that have the tendency of hurting new and potential investors. There is always other better alternatives to this but certainly not this approach.
Just as @Nweke-nature1.com said

decentralisation is when the community are their own banks

I see the extention of the lock period as an effort to defeat the benefits of decentralisation in the industry because to me, it’s simply bringing a centralized strategy into decentralized system.
Please this proposal should be reviewed and shape well to better serve the interest of the community, both earlier, new and potential members of the community.

Finally on the JustLend energy market, I see it as an effort to frustrate developers in the community because we already have projects offering these services and for Tron to make itself a major competitor to these projects is really demotivating to these developers and other developers that may want to develop in the blockchain. I agree there is need to regulate the services of these projects against exploitating the community through high fees which I believe is the reason for the establishment of the energy market but there is other ways to achieve that which may include through support and collaboration with these existing projects.

In summary, the team should work on reducing the transaction cost, bring down the staking lock period, and support her developers: because only through this shall we achieve more user base.

Thank you!


Hola, en principio le agradezco el interés hacia la comunidad.

  1. El lanzamiento de Stake 2.0, me parece un avance positivo para el futuro del ecosistema.
    Coincido con todos mis compañeros, el periodo de bloqueo no es el más adecuado.
    Cada usuario debe decidir cuanto tiempo desea bloquear sus Trx.
  2. Mercado de Just Lend energĂ­a, particularmente hago uso de los mercados creados por la comunidad, considero que si queremos hacer una comunidad fuerte con poder de decisiĂłn, debemos empezar por ayudarnos entre nosotros mismos.
    Un factor contrario es el aumento de precio de las transacciones, lo que hace que usuarios existentes y usuarios nuevos, piensen detenidamente si es rentable realizar la transacciĂłn en la red de Tron.

Hello Tronics
Happy New month Everyone.

Thanks for your opportunity to express our view
In respect to the topic of discussion.
As rule of thumb… the interest of the community matters.

First, with the stake 2.0.

I would say this, Stake 2.0 as upgraded the stake mechanism, I believe it to improved.
As we see Tron in web 3 era, then stake 2.0 will bring decentralized staking, decentralized resource market
and other applications.

  • The good of the 2.0 I see assets will be delayed for a period of time, ( in this case we have the 14 days lock time) which i believed will improves the stability of TRX market when there is ups and downs in price moment.

  • The bad with the lock time from 3 days to 14 days, we may have some small holders who may not stake anymore as they may consider waiting time to make use of their TRX.

Second, about the Justlend energy marketplace.
It’s good to have it, as it may serve the bigger energy of some users that may not be able to be provided by other rental ENERGY service.


To this end,. I say All the best to everyone.


@Prince-Onscolo thank you, this means a lot coming from a Community member like you.

I agree with your statement, most TRON holders have purchased $TRX with their hard earned money and would like more flexibility and control when unlocking. I will gladly share this post and work to relay this message to the Super Representatives. Hopefully we can work in a new Staking lock period in an upcoming proposal.

As for the Energy Market I also agree, we can’t necessarily tell the Justlend team what to do, but we as a Community can take action and support the projects we know and love :slight_smile:


You are very welcome @Nweke-nature1.com Please feel free to always speak your mind here :slight_smile:

I fully agree the 14 day locking period does not align with the motto of “become your own bank”. If we are to be our own banks we must have better access to our funds. I understand the 14 day lock period was introduced to help increase network stability as more new users enter our ecosystem and begin to Stake. The lock period is designed to help keep stability during volatile market conditions, however I can also see how this is limiting most users.

You are not the only user with this view! As mentioned I will work to see if we can have the Super Representatives review the Community feedback regarding the 14 day lock period and see if this is something we can vote on in an upcoming proposal.


I think we need to create report like that every month. It is great for community to progress forward.


I appreciate your well thought out questions and contributions @Youngyuppie !

The Super Representatives (SRs) appear to have a plan and vision regarding recent proposals. I agree TRON used to be the cheapest blockchain and comparable with Polygon in terms of affordability. However, as the TRON blockchain evolved and the use cases started to emerge we have seen TRON used primarily as a transfer of large funds. At this time TRON is the leading stable coin blockchain with over $45 billion in Tether alone. I consistently hear from users in Brazil, Korea, Argentina, Nigeria, Ghana, etc all state how TRON is being used by institutions to move their funds.

The higher fees are currently in line with the transfer of stable coin funds. While TRON has higher fees all of these transactions are burning $TRX. In the past 1 year 2022 - 2023 we have burned over 10 billion $TRX. The total supply of $TRX was 100 billion and we are now down to 90 billion. While this has not impacted price (yet) this is very bullish from a tokenomics perspective.

I also agree with you that the 14 day stake period is not ideal for most new users. Almost all commentors thus far have agreed and wish to change this number back to the original 3 days or lower. I am hoping this information will be heard by our SRs and hopefully this idea can be voted on again in an upcoming proposal.

While the timing of the Justlend energy market was not ideal I do not believe they created their energy market to frustrate or hurt Community projects. The Justlend energy market will serve as an alternative for those who wish to use it, but I myself will continue to use the Community projects which have served me well since their inception. I welcome all of the TRON Community members to also support their Community developers :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for your contribution to the forum!


Thank you for your listening ear’s and also having the communities voice at heart,…am patiently and hopefully waiting for positive news regarding this,… thank you once again for your great works :pray:


Thank you @antonio I am happy to help contribute to the positive growth of the TRON ecosystem!

I agree with you on the staking change. Every member who has responded to this forum post has also stated the 14 day locking period was not a positive change and requested to revert back to the original 3 day period. I am hoping to get visibility on this post by our SRs in hopes they can include a vote to change reduce the lock timer!

In regards to the transaction fees I responded earlier to another post as well. I agree with you the fees are greater now however I do believe our SRs have a vision and reasons behind the increased fees. If users are concerned about sending transactions we can always encourage them to utilize the Resource system with Energy + Bandwidth + Staking to get “free” transactions :slight_smile:


Le doy la razĂłn en alentar a los usuarios a usar el sistema de recursos, es importante ofrecer varias opciones, para que la gente se acostumbre a usar el ecosistema de Tron en todos los sentidos y ofrecer una buena experiencia de usario.
Es importante que entre todos consigamos que el ecosistema de Tron sea puntero,

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Hello @Gordian great to see you here on this post !

You have accurately described both the good and the bad with the recent Stake 2.0 change on the TRON network. The purpose of the increased staking lock from 3 days to 14 days was to increased stability of the TRON network during high market volatility. However, I can see how this longer lock time is restricting new and old users from accessing their funds. The purpose of this forum post is to hopefully bring light to our Community and SRs the current hardships or happiness we are experiencing with the blockchain.

As for the Justlend energy market, I do not believe this market will be in competition with the other markets intentionally. If Justlend did want to be in competition they would have drastically lowered their fees making their market the superior choice. The Justlend market is there to serve as an alternative for those who wish to use it. I personally will be using the Community energy markets as I have since the start.

I believe these points will be heard and I am looking forward to future proposals to vote on the best future for TRON :raised_hands:


Hello @TedP9 that will be my goal moving throughout the rest of 2023. I’ll be creating a post similar to this format to help create open discussions about the recent developments for TRON and how we as a Community feel. Again, putting Community ideas first is an important aspect of creating a positive ecosystem and I truly wish to see TRON succeed with all of us along the way :slight_smile:

Please feel free to add any ideas you’d maybe like to see me mention in the future or any additional feedback!


Alright all the best.
I believe our problems will be reached the stalkholder involved.

I understand the fact that the increased locked time
Was to enhance TRX market stability.
But at the same time, it comes with some bad.
But I believe a remedy can be done.


@StevenTRON why do you always bring energy and bandwidth when we talk about the high transaction fees we are experiencing. lol
Note: we are all not whales to freeze more trx to get these and at first when the fees were low we still had all these in place.

Remember one of #tron strength is lower fees but now you know there are alot of chains with cheaper fees. Do you always consider only whales?


Exactly, the whales can afford most the transaction,
For consideration sake, most of us not whales

If the transaction fees getting higher , most of the little hands will have to migrate to other blockchain with cheaper fees


they have enough to freeze for energy and bandwidth

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I apologize @Prince-Onscolo if the usage of Bandwidth and Energy is* not available to all users. I am not only trying to appeal to whales, I am primarily referring to each day every TRON wallet is gifted 1,500 Bandwidth. If you are sending $TRX from a TRON wallet to another TRON wallet this will only cost 270 Bandwidth. This equals roughly 5 free transactions a day.

I understand interacting with dApps becomes an issue with the higher fees as this will cost energy. I am hoping this post can bring attention to this issue and allow us to make changes in the future

edit: changed does to is*