Proposal to Utilize TX from USDD's TRX Burning Contract and Reserve for STRX Depositing and TRON Governance

Good morning #tronics
We are at it again :grinning:
I believe you have seen the new proposal circulating.

Are you against or for?

Check my brother’s @Dendorion recent tweets

How can you unburn burned trx?
Are we safe?

And someone has voted for it…
Same happened to the 14 days locked

@StevenTRON i think things are getting out of hand now


Cabe recordar que en el post anterior escrito por el desarrollador de la casa, ya se insinuó por parte de algunos miembros, que la nueva actualización 2.0 no era muy confiable.

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GM Boss
GM Tronics in the house.

Please I don’t be UNDERSTAND this algorithm.
What was the burnt Tron meant to be?
Recovery them into circulation what the implications?
I thought the wallet is not accessible?


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Crypto dynamics, so burned tokens can resurrect? lol

That is the first think I thought of
I believe burnt wallet are not accessible

When I said that Tron is bringing a CENTRALIZED method into Decentralized system, some people don’t understand it then. But I believe with this proposal, a lot of people will now start to understand what I meant by that.

In blockchain, we were made to understand that “burned” tokens are sent to a ‘black hole wallet’ which no one have access to. Now the big question is: How do Tron wish to bring back those burnt token into Tron supply?

And regarding the 200M vote that has been voted in support of the Proposal, it has been alleged that the 200M votes came from JS wallet and this raise another concern on the purpose of this proposal.

To some forumite that may not understand the consequence of this proposal if passed, it will supply JustLend with more energy to be sold in the market at the detriment of community’s project. What then becomes the fate of these community projects?

And this is coming after the launch of Stake 2.0 that have our TRX locked for 14 days while the vote will only last for 3 days :eyes:

I remember saying here that JustLend moving into the energy market means nothing than the ecosystem frustrating community projects which some people took a different view from. Now what explanation could they give on this proposal?

@StevenTRON what do you have to say on this?


brother, hmmmm I am also waiting for some feedbacks from the team. If burned tokens can be used again then why do you have to burn at all?

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Hahahahahaha :joy:
To cause deflation at the moment and cause inflation in the future :thinking:

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You said it all
I’m just waiting to see or read about clarification
Bro, this is fact.
Let me not say something that will cause FUD or so

Tron together we sTRONger

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Nobody is trying to cause FUD. Tron is my home :100: All I want is to see it work for everyone, not just for some selected few.

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No se trata de FUD es cuestión de intereses de los usuarios, los cuales se les ha presentado una cadena con unas ventajas, algunas de ellas eran rapidez, transacciones económicas, descentralización.
Y en estos momentos todos deseamos saber en que situación estamos.

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not FUD, I just need more clarification. Maybe the old burned trx is not part. but they will stop burning fees and use that. Because I don’t know how they can get the trx from black hole, if that’s possible then the whole crypto space is in danger. This means who tokena from other projects sent to black hole can be recovered

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Yes I understand no FUD.
Yes we need explanation on that
If so that mean other projects that have
Their coin in burnt wallet ( black hole)
Can be recovered and be back into circulation

@justmoney by @fab and @babyturu.
Or Binance??
Please is that how it is run?.

What the purpose?
To increase price or market cap?
This is purely centralized proposal

Imagine the stake 2.0 we battling to get justice.
Now we have this one.

With due respect… Explanation is needed.

Lols… Concerning black hole wallet,
I know, it not recoverable,

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Yes I now understand better now… Not a Fud.


I am waiting, maybe there is a perfect explanation for all this.i dont want to rush into conclusions when i dont fully understand the dynamics. :joy::joy::joy:

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I don’t think it’s possible to retrieve tokens sent to a black hole wallet. Maybe this new development will be for the next burned tokens.
A very good write up from @Youngyuppie its now obvious that decentralization only applies to the poor masses :joy:
IMHO sending that 200M wasn’t wise at all.
This is simply printing money from thin air just like the US government is doing we can all see how that is turning out. Burned tokens should be burned and not retrievable this is not meant to be a discussion.

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Estoy de acuerdo contigo y entiendo tu frustración, por eso comente en su momento que se debía esperar un pequeño periodo de tiempo para saber si la propuesta era buena o mala para la comunidad y pequeños inversores.
De momento tenemos un resultado aproximado, falta ver la explicación en consecuencia de las acciones.
Luego la comunidad deberá decidir que hacer.

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Quick Update
I have been digging into this whole proposal and I have gotten some explanations from some community members.

The "trx burned they are talking about is not the ones we burned through our daily transactions. I will prefer they used the termed “locked” instead of burn.

They made us understand that, they burned 10b "trx when they minted #USDD but these trx were not burnt they are locked and that is how it is supposed to be.

This is how it works;
They locked or burnt that to mint USDD,
so to be able to use that, you have to burn USDD.
It works like that. (burn one, mint the other) (I stand to be corrected).

This is where the problem is;
This proposal seeks to give them permission to use these locked trx to generate more energy (what to use that for depends on them :joy:) same time no usdd will be burnt. (I stand to be corrected)

Most tronics thought these 10b trx they said were burnt will never come back to the supply because of how they said it (might be a marketing strategy :joy:)
8.9B of these 10b are locked in the #USDD burned contract and these trx are what I think they want a permission to use them.

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Someone’s view on this

The story is simple. Most of us already know that this mint/burn exist and we know that at some point it could revert.

But using that TRX to other purposes than just USDD buckup is totally perverted and in the way they complete to :

  • kill energy market.

  • kill staking functionality.

  • kill people profit.

  • undermine TRX price.

  • give uncertain about TRX (FUD).

Copied from telegram….


Thanks for the decent explanation.

First if so, there is mistake of locked not burn.

Secondly, when declare burn… can’t be recovered na.

Third, recovery for energy, please o.
What happened to Justlend energy??

If the are brought back into circulation?
The reputation of Tron still a deflationary coin ???