STRX.FINANCE by Team STRX - Introducing liquid staking to the TRON Ecosystem

Project Name: STRX.FINANCE
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: STRX TEAM
Team Member(s): @strxfinance & ( Looking for more team members as STRX grows )
DevPost URL:

Project Goal: We want to introduce liquid staking protocol to the TRON Community, and the TRX holders to earn higher APY while holding TRX Tokens, using the liquid staking mechanism participating in the consensus mechanism in-directly.

Project Info:

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:
Users may test the protocol as given below :

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your TronLink Wallet
  3. Click on Stake Tab ( If you’re not in stake tab )
  4. Enter TRX Amount you want to stake
  5. Click on Stake button, and confirm the transaction on your tronlink wallet.
  6. You may wait while your SFI Token grows in value by earning TRX, then go to unstake tab, enter the amount of SFI tokens you would like to unstake.
  7. Click on Unstake button, and confirm the transaction on your tronlink wallet.
  8. This will Unstake the TRX, which will be shown in Claim Tab, To claim you need to wait 3 days.
  9. After waiting for 3 days, you can Click on Claim tab, and then Click on Claim button to Withdraw your TRX with extra revenue made while you held SFI tokens.
  10. You may also unstake immediately without waiting for 3 days by enabling “Emergency Unstake” Option, which will charge you 0.5%.

Project Details:
STRX.FINANCE is a liquid staking protocol unlocking the liquidity of staked assets. TRX Holders can now stake their assets while maintaining the liquidity of these assets.
Holders of TRX tokens can stake their tokens on the STRX.FINANCE platform to mint staked representation assets known as SFI Token.
STRX.FINANCE freezes the underlying deposited TRX tokens with a group of Super Representatives. STRX.FINANCE also leases TRON Resources (Energy & Bandwidth) to customers in need, generating extra revenue for all SFI Holders. SFI token, which represent the user’s staked position, accumulate staking incentives in the background and may be used by users in DeFi to produce more income.

SFI/TRX Pool on SunSwap or SFI/TRX Pool on JustMoney Exchange are the current examples. Providing liquidity in stable pools has no impermanent loss because the token price is always the same.

We have already running live on Mainnet, with contracts already deployed. Initially, 400K TRX worth of liquidity will be made available on Dex platforms such as Sunswap and JustMoney ( Nov 18th 2022 ) , allowing holders to exchange STRX for any token at any time. This will act as a hedge against waiting three days for unstaking and will also provide users with arbitrage opportunities.


Project Milestones:

  • :memo: - Smart Contracts - :white_check_mark:
  • :iphone: - Frontend - :white_check_mark:
  • :page_facing_up: - Documentations - :white_check_mark:
  • :closed_lock_with_key: - Audit Report - :white_check_mark:
  • :test_tube: - Shasta Testnet - :white_check_mark:
  • :superhero: - Tron Mainnet : :white_check_mark:
  • :bar_chart: - Analytics Dashboard: :white_check_mark:

Whats Next :

  • Collaborating with all major Energy Markets on TRON Blockchain (TokenGoodies, EMarket, TronLending, and more) to offer even higher APY for SFI Token holders.
  • List SFI Token on JustMoney Pay
  • Expanding growth of STRX Protocol on BTTC Chain, and Utilising TRX on BTTC chain on TRON Chain with the help of BTTC Bridge. We may also expand to the Ethereum and BNB chain, as well as any other compatible chain where TRX exists.
  • Potential Giveaways and Airdrops for the Early Users of STRX Finance

Youtube Video Tutorial: STRX FINANCE | TESTNET TUTORIAL - YouTube

Mainnet Contract Addresses :

Mainnet Dapp :

Security Audit report :

Listed On

Analytics Dashboard


providing project info as pdf is a nice idea


Thanks for your feedback.


I have question… how is it different from staking trons normally… ? And also how different from staking trons with energy providers like NRG, token goodies etc…?

Also…are u voting any SR…? Which…?



Thank you for your question.

When you stake/freeze TRX normally, you obtain Tron Power, which you may use to vote for Super Representatives in Consensus and win Rewards.
However, you will now earn 4-5% APY. Your TRX will be locked for at least three days, and you will be unable to use it anywhere in the vast DeFi Ecosystem.

While liquid staking TRX, you will not only participate in Consensus to receive Rewards, but the TRX will also be utilized to fulfill energy orders on Major Tron Energy Lending Platforms such as NRG and Token Goodies, which creates additional revenue.

When you stake with STRX FINANCE, you will receive the STRX Token, which will be used to participate in DeFi and increase your earnings.

Yes, we shall vote SR by selecting the safest and most lucrative SR.

More information about voting and SR selection may be found here: TRON Super Representatives - STRX.FINANCE


Thanks…for the reply…

Sorry but I wasn’t abke to understand how STRX will help in increase the earnings … & how it is different from staking on Energy providers…

Also, I checked the criteria of selecting SR… I would like to suggest @TuruGlobal as it would be the best selection…


You get STRX token when you stake TRX. This STRX token has the same value as your TRX, and you will be able to lend this STRX token to earn lending income, or provide liquidity on SunSwap DEX, to earn trading fees, while your STRX is earning Voting and Energy Rental Fees. The possibility will be seamless after launch.

In short :

  • Direct : Earns Voting + Energy Rental Fees Only ( Manual Energy Renting )
  • STRX Finance :
    Earns Voting + Energy Rental Fees ( Fully Automated Energy Renting ) + No Lock Period + Liquid Asset + Provide Liquidity on SunSwap, to earn Trading Fees + Lend STRX on Lending Platform to earn Lending Income.

Staking with STRX will also give you one more benefit which is :
You don’t need to go and wait on TRON Energy Platforms for a new buy order to appear, and fill it before someone else fills up.
We partner with them, and makes sure that it’s being done automatically.

Thanks for your suggesting TuruGlobal, we already have our eyes on them.


The concept is interesting :thinking:

You can contact @TronNinjas for their NRG platform and @tronpulse as well.

For the AMM listing, if you are interested in listing on JustMoney hit me a dm to discuss about it :+1:


Thanks…for the quick and informative reply… seems interesting… would surely look forward to the further developments… and also follow u on socials…

Also great to know U have already thought about TuruGlobal…

Best wishes…!!


I’m delighted you found this idea interesting.

Thank you for exposing us to @tronpulse and @TronNinjas. I have written a message to both of them about this and eagerly await their response.

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Thanks for the best wishes. This means a lot to us.
We wish you the best of luck.


infos are so clean, nice project


Thanks for your freedback.

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Greetings strxfinance! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Contract Address


Thank you for emphasising it.
The project has not yet been deployed to Mainnet.
We are awaiting the smart contract audit report. We will post the contract address as soon as it is available on mainnet.


Shasta contracts are as follows :


Quite impressive, if i read right, there will be a charge of 0.5% if a person decides to select the “emergency option” will the 0.5% be charged on my capital or it will be charged on the interest earned.

Thank you


Good question.
It will be charged on capital.
This mechanism is introduced to make sure no one can stake before rewards and quicky unstake sucking up all rewards which is meant for loyal users.


Furthermore, the fees will be paid directly to the pool and distributed to all STRX holders.


Ok great, but what APY should an investor be looking at if he or she should decide to stake on your platform? Cos if normal staking gives 4-5% APY i think yours will be much better for me to choose your services.