STRX.FINANCE by Team STRX - Introducing liquid staking to the TRON Ecosystem

Absolutely. We generate revenue by renting out energy and bandwidth, which yields between 15% and 30% APY.
In addition, we ensure that we engage in TRON Consensus (Voting) to get the 4-5% APY.

By holding STRX, investors can earn a minimum of 15% to a maximum of 40% APY.

However, the APY may be significantly enhanced with the aid of the Lending Protocol and DeFi ( which is yet to be developed and introduced )


That is great. I am loving it.


I’m glad to hear that.


Techrate’s security audit report is already published, and another audit from Grox Solutions is on the way…

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That is a good explanation uh

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Thanks for comment.
That makes me happy to hear. I hope this is really helpful to understand the project.

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We chose to change the token name from STRX Token to SFI Token and the token symbol from STRX to SFI in response to the answer from tronscan.

A new contract will be deployed on Mainnet shortly.

Hello, @admin.hackathon. Should we update this post with the token’s name, or should we wait for the hackathon results as the deadline has passed?

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Update :

SFI Tokens are now tradeable on / and @JustMoney ( Exchange

Liquidity worth a total of 400,000 TRX has been added to these pools.

From the Dex, anyone may trade between TRX and SFI.


We are pleased to announce the listing of STRX.FINANCE on DeFiLlama.


Really innovative project.
With this energy demand across tron will be met swiftly whilst also giving users the liquidity to earn extra yield from other DeFi strategies

Great work

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Thank you for your support.

Hola, el rendimiento de obtener el porcentaje que comenta en su plataforma es interesante, lo que me gustaría saber si STRX actuaría com un sintético. Gracias

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Hi Team,

Thank you for the comprehensive presentation. I’m still confused about the ‘liquidity’ part in Liquidity Staking.

Also, I see the project is listed on some DEXs and is already deployed on the mainnet. Kudos to you if you could achieve all this during the hackathon period!

Se utilizó Google Translate para leer su mensaje y escribir mi respuesta. Espero que consigas esto.

No podemos llamar a STRX un synthetix porque su precio siempre aumentará y nunca será comparable al de TRX. Porque, por lo que puedo decir, el precio en vivo de otros tokens en el mercado en vivo siempre es rastreado por tokens synthetix.

Please be specific about the ‘liquidity’ part you’re unclear on, and we’ll do our best to clarify.

We only had one objective throughout the hackathon, and that was “TO BUILD”. We appreciate your generous feedback.

Hola, disculpe no se si su traducción es la correcta pero me está diciendo lo mismo que había comentado, si el rastreador es un sintético actual STRX como tal. Gracias

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Really Innovative…!!

The concept is interesting.