Bitcoin ETF Approval

It’s few hours away from the spot Bitcoin ETF Approval from The securities and exchange commission in America, BlackRock and VanEck have updated their spot ETF filings following the sec previous comments, you think the spot Bitcoin ETF is going to be approved or not?
What do y’all think? I borrowed money from a poverty alleviation scheme called LAPO to buy more BTC, keeping fingers crossed if this would be a win or loss, pray for me guys, my blood pressure is already fluctuating.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: go and check your blood pressure and come

Lols, have been following this bitcoin etf and just like my first time, let be just rest and see how it goes.

Let me not pressure myself for the unknown outcome.
What will be will be

If bags will pump, TRX should not be left us.

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Wow, it’s definitely a tense wait Sending good vibes your way regardless of the outcome.

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It’s hard to predict what will happen but I hope you make it with this risk. Sending good lucks your way

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Lols, not tense for me. But for the big whales could be tense for them.

Reading that the approval will be tomorrow and Thursday the trading could start.

Lols, at this point no need for me to predict what can be mainpulated.

It can be even be delayed. Who knows


You’re right, the whales might be sweating, but we can just grab some popcorn and enjoy the show without getting too tense.

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I did bro, the results aren’t so impressive.

The uprising would definitely flow into all alts, maybe.

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Lols, so all the BTC ETF approval Have been anticipating.
Here is the final outcome.
Good night to Ending Tears Fast

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Are you for real or are you kidding me :joy:
Bitcoin ETF is a very big drama with a crazy :anguished: suspense,…we are still in season 3 or episode 3 ,…am just peeping eye from behind

I better rest, anytime the official approval is made.
Then I will see. All the best to all anticipating the approval

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Finally it’s here


It has been approved but who knows what next? :joy: Crypto is not your mate this space no be child’s play

At least all the hype can calm down.

BREAKING: The historic first #Bitcoin ETF has officially been approved in the United States.

Now what next.

When , TRX ETF approval?

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BTC to $500k right abi above? :joy::joy:

No matter the bitcoin pump, I believe Tron will not be left alone