Bitcoin to reach $120,000 by the end of 2024 according to a $820 billion Standard Chartered Bank

What do you guys think about this prediction by $820 billion Standard Chartered Bank that #Bitcoin will reach the height of $120,000 by the end of 2024?

Do you think that such prediction from a reputable institution will spell bullish for $BTC, which will also revolve to a bullish crypto market. Let’s hear your thoughts



I saw this earlier.

My concern was
Are they saying as FINANCIAL ADVISERS.

Cause I’m trying to understand the
Mathematics behind it.

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Lol we have seen more than this,
This is just the normal predictions we see but nothing is impossible in crypto

Hmmm let’s see

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We have heard similar things.
But as you said…

I’m just trying to imagine
What will be the total crypto markets cap by then?


This kind of bullish news is not a thing of today, it’s just a normal prediction which can still turn to be positive or negative
As crypto lovers we assume it happen
It’s win win for everyone that has crying for liquidated portfolios


Lol yeah that day should come we should test it for just an hour and let’s see :joy::joy:

Hahahaha can you tell me how this can be affect the market negatively?

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All feels good to read your contribution.
This shows we have been in this space for long

We understand motivational crypto
Bullish news like this

We all hope for the best.
But if you want to follow that news
Will do otherwise.

By the way

If the predict BTC = $120k by 2024
What of Tron. TRX= $120

No body should attack me in 2024 o


Not only talk talk , if there is no fund to back it up will BTC pump?
Everyone is good at predictions but without investors nothing will pump


I guess you have I hidden agenda :joy:, you have bought all the Trx dip, respect sir :raised_hands:

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Why are you exposing me like this.
How did you know I bought all the Tron dip?


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It’s better you skinned me alive :joy:

Can we give this a round of applause.

You really crack me by saying
Everyone is good in crypto Prediction.

All prediction = All Assumption.
Now what is the main point of consideration.

coming in to invest Million and billion dollars
Then we going to no moon.

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Ah my friend I talk say bitcoin will be 100k if it doesn’t, will that help decrease the price? :joy:

I want to know what will happen that can be termed as negative

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No, I don’t think they are saying it as a FA rather with the momentum bitcoin and cryptocurrency are gaining recently

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You’re right bro! Anyone that has spent a couple of time in this industry must have seen much more predictions than this, but for this to come from a reputable institution, don’t you think something is cooking up :thinking:


Hahshahaha! It’s going to skyrocket to maybe between $5T to $5.5T considering the fact that cryptocurrency market cap at bitcoin high is $2.6T. What we need to achieve this height is a little below 100% increase to the then market cap


Yes bro, we have seen a lot of such bullish predictions over and over again but with the momentum cryptocurrency is gaining coupled with more institutional adoption of cryptocurrency, I think this prediction will not be far from coming to reality. This is just my own opinion though and doesn’t represent any other thing than just my opinion :yum:


With due respect,
Please should us how you derived
At this o.
You didn’t get scared writing final result
As $5.5t?

I love the fact you clearly stated.its just your opinion…
Yes we seen, heard, read, anticipating bullish news
Of such , but we mostly land in the red market trading zone.

I understand that many factors that can affects crypto
Prediction few I can mention

  • Government regulations:

  • Technological developments: example, the development of (DeFi) has made it easier for people to use crypto for financial transactions,

  • Economic factors: The state of the global economy can also have an impact on the crypto market, during times of economic uncertainty, investors may turn to crypto as a safe haven asset, which can drive up prices.

These few point could be anti prediction for the
CRYPTO market in present or future.

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