Calling contracts and gas prices

Coming from Ethereum where gas prices are excessive and make the blockchain practically useless I started playing with contracts in Tron and see gas price is also high, for example, calling a contract costs between 30 and 70 TRX which at current market prices is between $2 and $4 per call. Not as much as $30 or $70 in Ethereum but still high for simple transactions that need to be done in the thousands every day.

So I’d like to know if I am doing something wrong or if there are ways to lower gas prices documented somewhere.


unfortunately tron is not super cheap either :confused:

if u stake tron to get energy, u can do almost transactions and contract calings for free.


Sounds interesting, any links or pointers on how to do that?

use tronlink wallet go to stake and do it to energy instead of bandwitch. u will save some trx in transactions :wink:

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Thank you!

I did that and staked 10,000 TRX for both energy and bandwith, this is what I got now: 41m in energy and 4k in bandwith


Transactions now use 267,000 in energy and 350 in bandwith. What happens when I run out of any of them? In a day or two they’ll be depleted after a thousand calls… :thinking:

energy and bandwitch will full recovery in 24H

congrats friend !!! now you got free transactions ;D

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Hi mate.

For fees it became expensive since everybody was too busy hating against tron no matter what Justin did.
Since everyone was hating on the little burn (tron gets burned if you don’t have enough energy) the Foundation decided to make gas fees x4 and then once more x4 so this is the reason for it to be so high.

Something is still unique for tron, you can freeze TRX in order to get Energy or Bandwidth and basically get free transactions therefore.

If you need to know what the average costs are there is a good website called where you can check out the energy costs.

It’s quite simple, you get 1500 Bandwidth for free daily

(again this was reduced from 5000 due to some scammers abusing the free transactions to send out fake TRC10 tokens in order to lure them into scams swaps)

So bandwidth you never need much because a transaction always needs only about 300-500 bandwidth at max.

You need energy in the first place for all smartcontract based stuff like dapps contracts or TRC20 smartcontract based tokens.

You can also buy energy from resellers like me for cheap money since it’s possible to delegate energy to a different address.

Or if you need energy urgently you can buy it here at a bit a higher rate, just copy to tronlink dapp browser:

If you have more questions you can also contact me over telegram @moneyversac

or check out my youtube channel:

Have a good one :ok_hand: