Can we have quadratic voting?

Can we have quadratic voting for projects in Season 4?
This can ensure all projects get some prize based on the community votes.

These days many platforms including Dorahacks has this way of rewarding the projects.
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Other References:-

  1. Devfolio

I guess the voting method has been decided by the admins
Prior to the S4 Hackathon.

Yeah. We don’t need to change that voting process.
This can be an additional process to include more projects sharing some prize pool.

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Please, in nutshell can you summarised how this kind of voting works and how it can benefit some projects to win.


does that mean all projects in all tracks will get something from community votes prize whether part of the first five or not?

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I was about to ask another similar question on that.
But let get to hear from @H_P

Yes, exactly.
But not evenly, it will be based on how many votes they get.

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Well seems I get the concept of the voting

Don’t you think
It will be see a big form of manipulation
As players would go as far to get more vote to gain more pay???

Thanks you for the reference.

I just read up how the QV WORKS AND HOW IT IMPORTANT.

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oh i see nice nice
they can try

Maybe something to consider for Hack 5 but dont see it changing mid competition.

yeah maybe season 5
S4 is ongoing

I think these will be scrutinized to see if it might fit in, in the next season 5 of the the grand hackathon

Thanks for your humble submission, this has to be reviewed