Crypto regulations! good or bad?

Happy new month TRONICS.

Please let share our views, option on what we feel will be the fate of crypto regulations.

Would it be beneficial or
Harmful to CRYPTO?

Let talk.
I’m open to learning



La regulación es una manera de control, por lo tanto sigues como con la moneda fiat.

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As a form of control ( fiat)

It’s not good for CRYPTO??

Crypto is all about decentralization, I don’t buy any idea of regulation, government can wake up and take decision that can not be fair


Thank you for your opinion

I don’t like the idea of CRYPTO regulations
Rather there’s should be CRYPTO Education

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Good question! Crypto regulations can bring benefits such as investor protection and increased legitimacy, but they may also have drawbacks like reduced innovation and privacy. The impact depends on the regulations and their implementation.

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You made it clear point.
Very important explanation you made there.

In my view, CRYPTO regulations I don’t like it.
Cause I think it will cripple the CRYPTO market performance

And also might be against decentralization
Expecially the centralized exchange.

I mean the could regulate the holding capacity or trading volume of users in CRYPTO.

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Where there is regulations, there is restrictions, where there is restrictions, there is corruption. Regulating crypto will fight against the core principles of decentralization.

What could be done instead, smart contracts should be provided to fight against bad actors. Check out Lossless from and see how integrating their product into your smart contract can help detect and stop hacks and rugpulls.

We need more of such projects on various blockchains, not some firm iron hands to stir the affairs of the future.

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Thanks for your contributiion view

Yes you Correct,
Regulation will remove the decentralized nature of crypto

Why cant we regulate it the decentralized way. AI will go along way to help blockchain to overcome all these issues. The future has not even begun


Es aquí donde se halla el problema, si nos venden las criptos descentralizadas, por qué siempre tienes que pasar por un exchange donde necesitas una documentación para poder ingresar, retirar lo que es tuyo. En este preciso momento que se han aceptado estas normas entra el tema de las regulaciones.


Without CEX, Operating fully on DEX will be a headache, also what we have to accept is, we can’t do away with centralization in its totality, but we can minimize it in some way.

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Si la puedes anular completamente, si se creara una comunidad suficientemente grande que todos los servicios, productos, todo lo que necesita el ser humano fuera operado con una moneda que no tuviera acceso ninguna entidad, sería completamente descentralizado y sano para todos.
Existen los derechos universales del ser humano los cuales o no se han leído o no se conocen.

Thats true, but the practicality is the issue. Fully decentralized world will happen but not in our time.

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Yo creo que mucho antes de lo que piensas, estamos en el caos.

Hahaha can’t wait for that day, where a middle man will never have the opportunity to take a cut for a transaction


Pero los que lo rodean y lo promueven tampoco

This could be the best way to regulate CRYPTO.

If this AI or algorithm form of regulation is done
Maybe we could have it still good and not against decentralization.

In my view I feel, (correct me if I’m wrong).

That the main reason why the is pressing need of Cryto regulations by SEC, Government is for them to have financial control over bitcoin
Where they can implement some forms of taxes.

I don’t feel crypto regulations
Will stop rugpull, crypto scams and fake project.

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Yes you said it correctly
The word decentralized or decentralization
Is a future terms

Still young and developing in our era

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