TronDao and EasyA Hackathon

How do you see this helping the future of crypto.
Personally I think this is a perfect path @trondao has taken. And it is good for the entire crypto world. If we are able to get all these students in crypto, that’s a perfect way to start the mass education and this will end up at mass adoption.
Thanks to #TronDao for this amazing initiation :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Hola, es una buena manera de que los estudiantes puedan presentar sus proyectos y adentrarse en este mundo y así poder tener más espacio y visión para el mundo fiat o de la criptomoneda.

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Yeah it’s good for entire crypto currency community, Tron hackathon helping people to learn about crypto world

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great with these hackathon but I missed this one :confused:

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Thumps up to the whole team :palms_up_together:t3::clap:t2:

No problem bro
More coming :+1:t2:

Hola, cada hackaton implementa ideas nuevas y de desarrollo para avanzar en este mundo.