Anticipating Tron Hackathon S5

Guess what is coming in new for S5.?
Guess the new track coming in?

Would you Participate?

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Do you need some leak :eyes::grin:, choose your preferred coin for payment
Tron or usdd ? When you are ready let me know

Could this be leak one?.

Well stable coin USDD come with peace of mind.

TRX too comes with peace of mind.

Both good.

How about you?

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:grin: choose your preferred one to send in my payment

As it stands.
No choice.
And by the way which
Payment are you referring to?

Lols,… it early morning to
Laugh this hard.


A leak payment/offering

Oh really,
If so, which do you feel better with.
For the ecosystem?

A qué te refieres? antes se pagaba en TRX y ahora en USDD, no entiendo tu expresión.
Puedes aclararmela?

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Me too I was trying to understand.
If it a new system ?
Maybe he clarify us BETTER

Espero que nos lo aclare, sino no entiendo

Don’t bother not what you think, I only have a deal with @Gordian Which implies that he needs to send me some funds in either usdd or trx , whenever he is ready we make it a deal :handshake:

GM Brother.
Oh now I get it better.

So what will happen
Is that…
You will fill some form
To be eligible.

Lols. What good?

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Entendido entonces os dejo a los dos con el tema.

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Me filling some form or you?

Thank you my boss for your understanding

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Please send the form
I don’t mind
I will filled.

What your most anticipating
Track for the upcoming session?

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You want to indirectly smell some leaks :joy: keep calm first :joy:

Maybe I take it slowly .
The spirit is high currently.

One bit at a time

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